Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Well this morning, the boys went to the golf course (as always) and LMS went to an Activity Group run in our shire (she's learning cooking), so I had most of the day all to myself! I headed on down to the coast to look at the fabric shops. Got to Spotlight and was just overwhelmed, so rang my mummy and asked if she'd come and help. They don't live that far, so I drove there, had a lovely morning tea, then kidnapped mum to go shopping. We ended up back at Spotlight and it was great to go with someone that:

a) loves me
b) likes touching fabric as well
c) has a good eye for colour
d) isn't offended when you don't like their choice, and
e) is really happy when you find something you like.

I ended up with 3 lengths of fabric and a new pattern. I was really happy with our choices, and have washed and ironed the lengths, so that they are all ready to go.

Burda 2561

Here's a picture of the re-constructed men's shirt I made. It worked beautifully EXCEPT for the fact that I cut the scoop too low and it showed too much chest. Well, it was a good exercise, and I proved something to myself.

Mrs R

Friday, May 1, 2009

On the wish list ...

I found this beautiful blouse at Couture et Tricot ... I love the sleeve detail on a plain traditional classic blouse. Here is her re-creation of it. I like the shiny pink!
Here's the technical line drawing of it.

Figured that it would be fairly easy to re-create using a plain shirt pattern, and just take the sleeves straight down from the armhole. Would be low fuss for wearing, and because the ruffle detail can be smoothed down, ironing wouldn't be a problem. Next challenge is to get the right sort of fabric. I can envisage it in a crisp cotton, but then, I can see all blouses in a crisp cotton! Was thinking white (as always), maybe with a slight self pattern to it ...

Hmmmm ... will think on it for a bit, but I can see it being added into my work wardrobe!

Time for bed ...
Mrs R