Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Working my way through the backlog of jobs to do ... today was Goat Coats (for baby goats at a mobile petting zoo). LMS is working off a debt (I paid, she pays me back) and is sewing them for me! I love being able to delegate to her, she loves being able to earn money! Win:win.

We took a break about morning tea time and wandered down to our local op-shop. They're having a $1 day. We bought 2 outfits for Miss G (3) LMS bought herself a handbag, and I bought these fantastic boots for her. The boots were $2! Bargain. She is so thrilled!!

AND, just incase you though TBM missed out (as if) he is currently chowing down on fresh, warm banana cake!

Happy Husband has been to a course at the cricket club (something to do with responsible alcohol).

Mrs R

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing ...

A big Ta-Da ... finished the tote bag for my friend's birthday present. Came together really well, even though I lost the strap! Had to cut and make a new one which wasn't a problem, just a bit annoying. I attached a magnetic snap on the inside so that it doesn't flop around. The bag seems to be quite big to me, but my friend is 5'11", so she'll be able to use it and not have it drag on the ground (like it does with me!).

Bag outside

Pocket detail

With the pocket, I put an inverted pleat in the front so that it could hold lots, without gaping.

Well, the next plan is to actually clean up after all this lovely making mess ... that's NOT the fun part!

Smiles, Mrs R

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handbag Happiness!

Here is Penny's Handbag ... I sure hope it was worth the 9 month wait! The rings are reused from the handbag she gave me to copy. This model is a little bigger all over so that she can fit more 'stuff' in there. The front tag is a metal bag tag I bought from a fabric store - they were getting rid of them, and I grabbed what I could. They are perfect for making a bag look 'special'. The base is stiffened with a cut down vinyl placemat. I find these to be the best for bags ... they are flexible, wash well, and you can stitch through them. Plus, they are cheap.

The bag in all it's glory! The other side has a zippered pocket.

Pretty Pink insides! And yes, there is a mobile pocket as well!

Mrs R

Friday, January 23, 2009

Procrastination and the solution!

Well, the only solution to procrastination is action (in the RIGHT direction!). I've been procrastinating on a few projects ... and decided that I had best get them done so that I can have a clear conscious and a clearer sewing area!

First to be done is my friend Penny's handbag. I've had this for nearly a year to do - she's a very patient girl. The main thing stopping me was fear, fear that I couldn't make what she wanted, and that I'd fail. The reality of it is that she'll be thrilled regardless of if it's perfect or not, provided it works. It's a black stretch velvet, lined in hot pink satin. OK, they aren't the easiest fabrics to use ... so I put interfacing on the velvet and it's much nicer to work with, the satin is quite thick, so it's not as slippery as I had imagined. Last night I cut it out, today, I did the zips for the pockets. I need to buy a long zip for the top, and then it's go go go!

Here are some pictures of the bag in the various stages of making.

LMS is going to help Penny with her boys tomorrow (kid wrangling), so I'll drop her there, and take my carefully made list to the patchwork shop to get the bits I need to finish a few projects. I'll be able to come home and (potentially) get some things finished off!

Mrs R ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nimble Needle!!

Here are the two latest stitcheries - hot out of my embroidery tin (... which means I've finished them!).

This one was great fun - I didn't think I had the skills to do it, but I did!! I used chain stitch, lazy daisy, stem & backstitch ... and it worked. Not sure what it will become ... yet ...

This is the second one I've done using this pattern - this time using some varigated thread that a lovely lady (from Simple Savings Forum) sent me. You can't see the varigations, but they are there, and it really adds interest.

Cricket training tonight, so I'd best get organised and trace off some more embroidery to do ... otherwise, it will be a long and unproductive afternoon!

Smiles, Mrs R

Sunday, January 18, 2009

LMS has been sewing!

WOW ... after I said I was going to make Miss G (aged 3) some clothes, LMS wanted in on the action. We went through all the books I had, and settled on this pattern as one that she could do! It's from Enid Gilchrist Three to Six, Clothes for Boys & Girls (4/-).

Had to alter the construction of the bodice to fully faced, rather than muck around with binding and front facings. Much easier (for both of us).

She did a magnificent job ... I am so very impressed. I have to admit that I did all the handsewing ... she didn't want to, and hey, why should she!

At this stage, I pin, she sews & overlocks, and I iron. It's a fabulous partnership!

We (royal we) just need to get the buttons & button holes done and it can be sent up to Perth!

Dress Front

Dress Back

Mrs R (proud mummy)

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!!

I asked one of my wonderful friends if I could sew for her 3 year old - she said she'd love me too ... Hooray! I miss sewing for little people ...

I was looking over at Tracy's Web-site and fell in love with the dress she has made her daughter. I just HAD to try it as well. So, here it is!! I did modify the instructions a little ... Enid didn't have an overlocker!!

The work in progress. The pattern didn't come from this book, but the sizing adjustments did ... had to take it up a size to fit the little girl.

The major admission is that after thinking "I MUST make sure the butterflies go up the right way" ... yep - cut it out upside down! Tough!!

The full dress ...

The back view

Will post it up to her, and let you know if a) it fits and b) she likes it.

Happy day
Mrs R

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing the Amazing Aunty Boo ...

I thought I'd give you a taste of my sister's handiwork. These are just a few of the things she's made that are about in our home.

She make the most amazing quilts and patchwork wallhangings. Add into this, she is also a talented artist - one day I'll post some of the pictures she's painted ... but that's a whole other chapter!

This is the wallhanging at the entrance of our home ... it's rather amazing!

A Christmas Stitchery (which is never taken down)

Hens & Hearts Swag, over the curtain between the family room & hallway.

Last but not least, a fuzzy photo of a beautiful angel she made.
It hangs on the net curtain above my sewing machine.

Hope you're as impressed with her work as I am!!

Mrs R
Sister of the Amazing Boo!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Very Sunny Sunday

It's been hot and well, hot here for the last few weeks, without much respite. The air con is struggling, but it is better with it on than without it!

Went to visit my parents this afternoon. They'd been to see an elderly lady from church, and Mum was talking to her about Enid Gilchrist and the fact that I was collecting ... she produced a bag full of patterns, dating from 1950's to 1980's. WOW ... what a treasure collection! I went through and took the ones that interested me (mainly the older ones), the rest will go to the op-shop.

Quite sure that ladies had hip/back problems in this era as they have to stand with their hips out, and their backs swayed ... hmmmm ... I also noted that there is a definate absence of tummys!!

The dress in this set is quite delightful, has a scalloped hem ... too cute! The skirt is an interesting pattern, has pleats at centre front, back & both side seams. Might be worth a toile!

Been following some Enid's on Ebay ... my but they are getting expensive. There is one there on Buy It Now for $25!! Ouchies! I'm bidding on 2 magazines, doubt I'll get them as there seem to be a few others who are on a collection spree as well (keep coming across the same ID's), both with bigger budgets than I have! Think I'll have to stop looking ... Ebay is quite addictive ... just one more, just one more, just one ... goodness, what Have I Spent??

Anyways, here are a few photos of something I made last year. It's a hanky holder, I didn't get a good 'overall' photo ... will endeavour to do so another day.

Embroidery detail ...

Inside ... white seersucker with a gold & silver lurex thread running through it! Too cute!

Happy Day,
Mrs R

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apron Thursday

Ta Da ... finished an apron for ME! Had an idea rolling around in my mind for a week now, and last night, decided to just cut! This apron is one piece (plus straps) and the pleats are attached via a dart! I like this design. It's flat fronted, with fullness added in so that it gives coverage and is relatively flattering. Although in such a busy bright fabric, it's hard to tell what's going on!!

Close up of the pleats in dart ...

I have 1.5 sheets & 2 pillowslips left in this fabric ... Grin!! Thinking that fabric shopping bags might be next on the agenda, although it would also be nice to get the 'under construction' pile finished with!

Happy Day

Mrs R

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exciting Tuesday

Came home after a fun filled morning which included many cups of tea, lots of children, swimming for TBM (with children of different ages from 2 - 7) and the Cricket & Football Shop, then home via the op-shop!

In my letter box was a wonderful surprise. My first Enid Gilchrist (via e-bay) has arrived. The seller went above and beyond the expected, and enclosed another Enid magazine which was in 'very loved' condition (aka tatty), as she thought I might be able to use it. Can I ever!!! And as even more of a gem, there are some ripped out magazine pages from New Idea magazines, dated 1957/58, when Enid used to do a Sewing Page ... absolutely priceless!!

So, my count is now up to 5 Enids ... and 2 more coming!! Yahoooooo ... just have to check down the post office for whatever they are hiding down there.

At the op-shop, I picked up 2 more old Handmade Magazines, and another stitchery publication. Was a bit expensive today - $5!! However, it's all towards a good cause - making me happy!!

Home for another half hour, then off to cricket training, via the golf shop (TBM) and the fabric shop (me). LMS is having a wonderful time up in the city with my sister & her brood. She's sleeping over and helping out with swimming lessons, and generally just loving life!

Smiles, Mrs R

Monday, January 5, 2009

Embroidery Update

Here is the finished embroidery for my friend's bag ... I'm going to use plain blue homespun to make the rest of the bag and line it with the red of the sashing. It's been fun!

Mrs R

Monday Mayhem

Thought I'd show you my creative area as it is ... guess what I'll be doing today?? The photos are taken around the room ... so you have overlocker, sewing machine, embroidery machine, bookshelves ... and then more junk! The forth wall, not pictured, is where the computer/printer etc are.

These are the containers I bought from the Reject Shop. They work brilliantly IF I put the fabric away after I've finished using it. Duh!

This stuff is mainly LMS' fabric & some op-shop stuff (just have to get it there) ... oh, plus a box of golf records!

This pile is fabric/old clothes to make goat coats with. People I know have a petting zoo, and they need coats for the baby goats. They wear and tear holes in them all winter, and I spend summer making and mending!

Off to get very busy ... Mrs R

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finds and Fun

Went to our local op-shop on Friday and had a lovely look-see. I bought a (vintage?) sheet set in garish colours, but it will be brilliant for crafting. I have 2 single sheets & 2 pillowslips. It has the potential to be ... shopping bags, pyjama pants, bag linings, aprons ... you get the idea!

The full effect


While at the op-shop I also bought myself a denim skirt (gored, fitted at top, over the hips and flaring towards the hem). Very flattering. AND 4 arcoroc mugs. I love these ... they keep a cup of tea very warm and are just the right size.

Here is a picture of the applique I did on an apron front. This was me being productive at the cricket carnival over Christmas!

Happy day

Mrs R

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Friday!

I have a beautiful dress that is a bit too revealing in the neckline, and I feel very conscious of the gaps when I wear it. I've been looking in the shops for a camisole to wear under it, but loath to pay the price. This morning, I found my ancient Knitwit pattern, and some black t-shirting, old bra straps and made this! I thought I'd err on the side of size, and made a size 16, however this was huge, and I had to take in the seams considerably, then add elastic into the neckline to make it sit close. All in all, it wouldn't win any sewing prizes, however, it will sure do the job.

And, as promised yesterday, here are the photos of the bag I made ... folded and open.

Off to do something useful around the house.

Happy Day,

Mrs R

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Well, a New Year, full of possibilities and potential ... I feel I've achieved quite a bit today. I filed all the old bank statements (had back to 2005 in my current file!), turfed out a huge amount of plastics and yukky mugs, done 3 loads of washing. I finished off the last of the lavender bags, sewed and stuffed, now all 9 are waiting for handstitching ... will try that tonight (depends on how good the light is, and how my eyes are coping!)

Anyways, needed a new project for my embroidery tin, so started this one ... it's going to be the front of a tote bag. It's not as big as I had imagined ... so am going to have to be a bit tricky in how I put it onto the bag. Have a few options, one being it can become the front pocket, another being adding sashing to the outsides before attaching it to the bag fabric. Hmmmm ... regardless, will have to do the embroidery first.

I scanned the 'bare bones' in for you to see. It's a cat (duh!) and on the right from top down, a bird, a fish, and a mouse.

I didn't have the 'right' colour for the cat or mouse, so I used some seeded homespun and tea-dyed it. Considering the heat today, it dried very quickly.

I also made 2 pocket grocery bags from The Mad Quilter ... The instructions were great, but I'll tweak the sizes a bit to make it more 'me'. I used a doona cover that I bought from the op-shop for cut-ups and crafting ... it sure has fulfilled it's $3 price tag!! Will post pictures tomorrow (hopefully).

Off to sort out dinner.

Mrs R