Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Friday!

I have a beautiful dress that is a bit too revealing in the neckline, and I feel very conscious of the gaps when I wear it. I've been looking in the shops for a camisole to wear under it, but loath to pay the price. This morning, I found my ancient Knitwit pattern, and some black t-shirting, old bra straps and made this! I thought I'd err on the side of size, and made a size 16, however this was huge, and I had to take in the seams considerably, then add elastic into the neckline to make it sit close. All in all, it wouldn't win any sewing prizes, however, it will sure do the job.

And, as promised yesterday, here are the photos of the bag I made ... folded and open.

Off to do something useful around the house.

Happy Day,

Mrs R

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Tracy said...

Hi Jennifer, The bag looks great. You did a great job on the top. I'm still learning to sew stretch.