Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing ...

A big Ta-Da ... finished the tote bag for my friend's birthday present. Came together really well, even though I lost the strap! Had to cut and make a new one which wasn't a problem, just a bit annoying. I attached a magnetic snap on the inside so that it doesn't flop around. The bag seems to be quite big to me, but my friend is 5'11", so she'll be able to use it and not have it drag on the ground (like it does with me!).

Bag outside

Pocket detail

With the pocket, I put an inverted pleat in the front so that it could hold lots, without gaping.

Well, the next plan is to actually clean up after all this lovely making mess ... that's NOT the fun part!

Smiles, Mrs R


Tracy said...

I love the handbag you made. You should be proud of yourself ;) I couldn't leave a comment on the post itself the comment button had disappeared! The kids here went back the beginning of last week. It's been nice having the house a little quieter. Still have Michael and Lilly at home most of the time. Lilly has started preschool so she's out too on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now only if I can get Michael to nap on those days I'd have child free time!!

Whimsy and Wonder said...

Thanks Tracy, I enjoyed the challenge of making the bag ... I have no idea how to fix the comment bit ... but am trying hard.

Smiles, Jen