Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Working my way through the backlog of jobs to do ... today was Goat Coats (for baby goats at a mobile petting zoo). LMS is working off a debt (I paid, she pays me back) and is sewing them for me! I love being able to delegate to her, she loves being able to earn money! Win:win.

We took a break about morning tea time and wandered down to our local op-shop. They're having a $1 day. We bought 2 outfits for Miss G (3) LMS bought herself a handbag, and I bought these fantastic boots for her. The boots were $2! Bargain. She is so thrilled!!

AND, just incase you though TBM missed out (as if) he is currently chowing down on fresh, warm banana cake!

Happy Husband has been to a course at the cricket club (something to do with responsible alcohol).

Mrs R

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