Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fabulous February Handbag

Welcome to February! School starts tomorrow (yay) ... I must admit that I look forward to the first day of the year with mixed feelings ... I enjoy having the house to myself and being able to do things, but I also miss having the kids around, their noise, their ideas, their general activity. Mind you - it's the cycle of the school year!

Now, onto what I've been creating ... and boy, am I proud of myself.

Here is my new handbag! My current (old faithful) has a minor flaw, the leather has worn away from the piping on the base. It might seem minor, but I'm a bit of a bag snob, and I don't like that it's not 'right'. I might see a boot maker to see if anything can be done for it. So, I took a pattern from it, and made a nice new bag!

Bit of an explanation ... bigger pictures are on their side because when I rotate them, they become short and wide and not at all like they really are!

Here's the original bag ...

The inside to prove that I did make it
(you can see all the layers of interfacing and linings I used to get the bag to stand up firm.

New bag outside

Red satin goodness
It has a zip pocket one side and stitched in pockets on the other side.

So, new school year, new handbag!

Gosh I am proud of myself!!

Mrs R


Fairy said...

Wow! That is so clever and the finished article looks really professional. Well done.

What sort of fabric is the outside of the bag?

Whimsy and Wonder said...

The outside is quilters cotton ($12.?? from Spotlight). I used 2 layers of whisper weft iron on interfacing, 2 layers of pelmet interfacing & a layer of visofix (glue stuff that you iron on) on the shell of the bag, and a layer of whisper weft on the lining.

kate said...

Can i have one?