Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Whites Part 2

Here is the entire finished set ... complete with cricket bat!! I put a 50c coin next to the set so that you can see the scale. Because it's so late, I couldn't get the light right for photos, but you get the idea (photos in the previous post show the details beautifully).

The cap can't be worn, it's a representation of what the father wears (I even handstitched his playing number on the back) ... The First Grade hat is quite baggy. I traced around a bread & butter plate, took tiny seams inside to create the look of the pieced hat, and then stretched elastic around the circle. The peak has 2 layers of pelmet interfacing and cardboard from a cereal box. This was zig zagged onto the elastic, then I handstitched the top to the peak to make it neat and tidy.

I finished the bag, but it was too tall, so had to unpick and re-do ... the joy of living with perfectionists!! It's lined in blue/white gingham. On the back of the bag is a bat sleeve - which is how they make them now ... bat slips into a pocket on the back of the bag, instead of rattling around inside the bag with all the gear. The zip was a recycled one that I took off a backpack I bought from the op-shop ... bag broke, but zips were nice, salvaged about 3 of them.

The club colours are maroon/white & blue ... which is why I used the colours I did.

It's been a great project, the whole family was involved with drawing pictures, helping with concepts and offering advice ...

The tired, but happy Mrs R

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