Friday, February 20, 2009

New batteries equals new pictures

Yep - took a while to figure out that the camera needed new batteries! Here's Charlie keeping me company while I update my blog! Now he's sitting at my feet hoping for biscuits!!

I've been busy doing ... well ... nothing! Can't think of overmuch that I've achieved at all. This is LMS' ds case that I made last week ... she chose the fabric and I spent a few nights getting pictures in my head to work! This isn't exactly what I imagined, however, it is still great and does the job! The front pocket is for the games carrier.

And, next onto some more bibs! Was lost for things to sew, so figured that bibs are handy, easy and I had the fabric! Plus, got to make some more bias for my stash!! I used to be able to put bias on in one go - no pinning, just fold and stitch - once and done! Now, it's a bit more effort as I'm out of practice. I did the snail bib the 'correct way' ... stitch bias to the front, fold under and topstitch from the top. The second one was done 'upside down' which is how I was taught at TAFE. It all came back to me ... much better! In reality, the bias is on both, no-one will know how it was done, but it was a dusted off skill for me!

Went to Spotlight last night on a whirl wind trip, and grabbed and paid! Phew. Got the fabric for my Sew Mama Sew swap, and some co-ordinating ribbons to 'make it pretty'. Will post them today. Got some pelmet interfacing ($2.99/m) from the curtain section - it's great stuff and cheap. Found the buckram in the sewing section - but at $30/m - I don't think it's the stuff that you stockpile! After leaving there, dashed by Sound Stationery and picked up some butcher's paper (tracing/drafting), white cardstock (always handy) and A4 & A5 cellophane envelopes - these are really nice for packing gifts/crafts in - makes them look professional and keeps the dust off!

Smiles, Mrs R


Tracy said...

We must be on the same brain waves. I made a ds case too. Love the bibs.

Jennifer said...

Tracy, I think we may well be ... I liked your case - looked really cute! Jen

Tanja said...

oh wow the ds case is gorgeous Jen - bet it was a hit -