Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ta Da ... I'm a good mummy

Well, for the present I am! Been struggling to get LMS clothes that a) fit and are b) suitable. School uniform seems to be the isuse at present. She finally relented and said I could make her some shorts! She gave me pair that she likes (from Target) and I cut a pattern from them, and made them up. She likes them! So, last night, made a casual pair. Will make more school shorts next year as kids tend to grow over the Christmas holidays ... must be the sunshine!

Anyways, here's the details of the casual shorts!

Yes, that is a shaped pocket you can see ... was quite proud of myself!! They're quite short (well, to me they are - I'd rather them around her knees), but provide coverage for the important bits ... and she's comfortable in them!

Mrs R

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slowly Slowly

Getting towards 'thinking' about Christmas ... got the embroidery machine fired up and working this morning.

Here are the 2 camisoles I did for LMS ... I think they came up really well. Made cheap (Target) camisoles into something unique! The embroidery is on the left hip area ... will show when she layers, which is OK, they're pretty!

This is the handtowel for TBM. The idea is for him to attach it to his golf buggy and use it for clubs, hands, golf balls - whatever gets grubby!

Currently embroidering a monogram on a flannel for a friend to give as a Secret Santa present. I love being able to use my machine for others.

Mrs R

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ginger Christmas

On Saturday night, I went out with a friend to Melville Church of Christ to a ladies fellowship night, where we made a Gingerbread House. It was great fun, and here is the picture of my result. I think it will go to my brother-in-law for Christmas (with a gift voucher) as he loves ginger.

Mrs R

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycled Paper Holder

Got a bit sidetracked with some cardboard, fabric and used paper ... so here's the result ... Inspiration was taken from here. I cheated by using the sewing machine instead of folding and handsewing ... but then, why not??
Paper is an A4 piece folded into 1/4's ... this way, can guarantee that the backs of printing will be used!

Mrs R

Making Morning

Feeling rather impressed with myself ... I made this stitchery some time ago, and last night, cut all the pieces to make an apron for LMS' Christmas Present. All in all, it's rather pretty.

The finished apron

The stitchery details

Check out that neat buttonholing ... I'm pretty impressed with it!

Next creative thing I need to do is clean the dirty dishes from last night ... sigh ... but, they've waited long enough.

Mrs R

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning (sorta)

Am gently tidying through and am tackling the lounge computer desk. Hmmm ... bit over-run. But look what I found!

This was sent to me by Carrie, who is on a Christian Stamping group with me ... isn't she clever to make such a gorgeous card!

Once I've 'made nice' at the computer desk, I'll do a 180deg swing and go look at the sewing area. It's not too bad, just needs a bit of a wipe over and some priority planning.

Charlie Dog is a bit confused, I took the blankets out of his bed and put them in the washing machine (with very very hot water) ... will be a complete shock to his system. Next step is to get him clipped for summer. At the moment, he's just a walking furball!

Somehow or other TBM scored another day at home. LMS is going to be royally cross tonight. Originally TBM was tired and unable to get off the couch and wanted to 'sleep all day'. By about 9am he was almost cured, 10am was a miraculous recovery! Tomorrow it's school OR ELSE!

Well, best stop procrastinating.

Mrs R

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recovery Days ...

Bit of an adventure ... went to hospital on Friday to have the lump on my neck removed. It appears to be a bronchial cyst, which is an abnormality that can sometimes happen while the baby is forming in the womb. So, I've had it that long!! Was able to come home Friday evening, which was great, and tucked up on the couch until bedtime. Am doing all the right things and taking my medicine as prescribed and spending lots of time resting ... voice is coming and going, but appetite is alive and well!!

I was in a 4 bed room and when I go there, there were 3 lovely ladies, all destined for home during the day. Went for my op, came back to 1 lady, and had a chat to her when I was next awake. She left, and I was on my own for a while. In the afternoon, I got another room-mate … who sure made me long for home (or the ability to smother her with a pillow). From the moment she was conscious she was loud and demanding. LOUD! She must have pressed the nurse button every 20 mins from 3-6pm. If I needed a nurse, and they came, she’d yell at them to go to her, and hijack them. The doc etc came to see her, and as they left, she’d be yelling questions after them as they left out of the door. This lady had her eye-lids tucked … and was holding forth to me about wearing make-up every day, and how she likes to look nice etc etc … I put a pillow over my head and had a nap. She was most upset when I got dinner and she didn’t!! She asked the Resident Doc (who was checking on her at the time) to see about where her dinner was, who very politely said that she doesn’t deal with that, and to ask a nurse.

So, hospital was a bit of an adventure! Would rather not go back in a hurry … however, in saying that, the staff were just lovely ... you just don't get to chose your room-mates!

I've just finished reading two of Francine Rivers' books ... And the Shofar Blew, and The Scarlet Thread. Both are rather inspiring, but I think maybe I should have read them further apart rather than one straight after the other, what is that quote? "Comparisons are odious".

Well, think I'll make a cuppa tea and go back to bed.

Mrs R

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dietes flowering out the front garden ... they are just beautiful.

I had a day work booked, but they cancelled yesterday, so I re-thought my plans, and decided to be a sloth at home. That worked until 7.40am, when I got a phone call asking if I could do a day's work. Printed out a map of how to get there, jumped in the shower, put my face on and out the door I went. This is a new school, and the office was just lovely. Really nice people, normal and down to earth. Did some bits and pieces here and there, learnt some new things, did an on-line course (discovered by accident) and generally earnt my money.

Came home and made up a big pot pasta bake sauce. Lots of diced bacon and hidden (food processed) vegetables. Will be enough for tonight, one for the freezer, and hopefully a lunch or two.
Here's a picture of a pie I made recently. It's officially a chicken, leek & mushroom pie, but I made it with chicken, bacon & onion. Either way, was delicious! Made one for dinner, one for the freezer, which is my current plan for filling the freezer. That, and buying marked down meat & bread.
Still trying to sort out the columns in my budget spreadsheet. I'm trying to simplify, but it is a bit tough, as I like to have money popped away for every contingency (and then some!). Big pay tomorrow, as I get paid out for holidays etc due to my contract finishing. Then, there is summer holidays coming, where I get NO pay at all, so it's a bit of a balancing act. As TBM says somewhat sarcastically "here comes Poor People Budget". LMS doesn't care providing her lifestyle doesn't change in the least! Nothing shallow about her!!
Had my first day of work experience yesterday. Definately not what I imagined. Spent the morning sorting out scrapbooking supplies. The scrapbooking supplies are for craft & self worth type activities with various kids in the school at various times. The aim was to get them away so that they could be brought out as needed. So, lots of sorting, categorising and labelling. I sat in on a lunchtime meeting which was a real eyeopener (District Council for Chaplaincy). So much goes on behind the scenes, agonising, red tape etc etc, and you only see the end product, without knowing how hard fought that end decision/project has been. After that, I was back in the Chaplain's office tidying, organising and generally 'making nice'. She's such a busy lady, never stopping, and doesn't get the time to make things orderly. The good thing about the day was that I was observing her role in the school as well as being busy. Win/Win I think!!

Anyways, time to go serve up dinner.

Smiles, Mrs R

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a long break!

Well, it's been forever since I last posted, just re-activated my password, so I'm back in action! Next step is to get the camera and the computer linked up together. Until then, pictureless!

I'm off to work experience today, I've been studying towards Certificate III in Youth Studies. I need to get 60 hours of work experience to qualify and get my piece of paper with it's shiny gold star! So, will put in 6 hours today, and nibble away at it bit by bit.

Will write more later

Mrs R