Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recovery Days ...

Bit of an adventure ... went to hospital on Friday to have the lump on my neck removed. It appears to be a bronchial cyst, which is an abnormality that can sometimes happen while the baby is forming in the womb. So, I've had it that long!! Was able to come home Friday evening, which was great, and tucked up on the couch until bedtime. Am doing all the right things and taking my medicine as prescribed and spending lots of time resting ... voice is coming and going, but appetite is alive and well!!

I was in a 4 bed room and when I go there, there were 3 lovely ladies, all destined for home during the day. Went for my op, came back to 1 lady, and had a chat to her when I was next awake. She left, and I was on my own for a while. In the afternoon, I got another room-mate … who sure made me long for home (or the ability to smother her with a pillow). From the moment she was conscious she was loud and demanding. LOUD! She must have pressed the nurse button every 20 mins from 3-6pm. If I needed a nurse, and they came, she’d yell at them to go to her, and hijack them. The doc etc came to see her, and as they left, she’d be yelling questions after them as they left out of the door. This lady had her eye-lids tucked … and was holding forth to me about wearing make-up every day, and how she likes to look nice etc etc … I put a pillow over my head and had a nap. She was most upset when I got dinner and she didn’t!! She asked the Resident Doc (who was checking on her at the time) to see about where her dinner was, who very politely said that she doesn’t deal with that, and to ask a nurse.

So, hospital was a bit of an adventure! Would rather not go back in a hurry … however, in saying that, the staff were just lovely ... you just don't get to chose your room-mates!

I've just finished reading two of Francine Rivers' books ... And the Shofar Blew, and The Scarlet Thread. Both are rather inspiring, but I think maybe I should have read them further apart rather than one straight after the other, what is that quote? "Comparisons are odious".

Well, think I'll make a cuppa tea and go back to bed.

Mrs R

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