Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ta Da ... I'm a good mummy

Well, for the present I am! Been struggling to get LMS clothes that a) fit and are b) suitable. School uniform seems to be the isuse at present. She finally relented and said I could make her some shorts! She gave me pair that she likes (from Target) and I cut a pattern from them, and made them up. She likes them! So, last night, made a casual pair. Will make more school shorts next year as kids tend to grow over the Christmas holidays ... must be the sunshine!

Anyways, here's the details of the casual shorts!

Yes, that is a shaped pocket you can see ... was quite proud of myself!! They're quite short (well, to me they are - I'd rather them around her knees), but provide coverage for the important bits ... and she's comfortable in them!

Mrs R

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