Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning (sorta)

Am gently tidying through and am tackling the lounge computer desk. Hmmm ... bit over-run. But look what I found!

This was sent to me by Carrie, who is on a Christian Stamping group with me ... isn't she clever to make such a gorgeous card!

Once I've 'made nice' at the computer desk, I'll do a 180deg swing and go look at the sewing area. It's not too bad, just needs a bit of a wipe over and some priority planning.

Charlie Dog is a bit confused, I took the blankets out of his bed and put them in the washing machine (with very very hot water) ... will be a complete shock to his system. Next step is to get him clipped for summer. At the moment, he's just a walking furball!

Somehow or other TBM scored another day at home. LMS is going to be royally cross tonight. Originally TBM was tired and unable to get off the couch and wanted to 'sleep all day'. By about 9am he was almost cured, 10am was a miraculous recovery! Tomorrow it's school OR ELSE!

Well, best stop procrastinating.

Mrs R

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