Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hmmmm ... not too sure

Here is me, playing around with the shirt. I pinned darts in the front to bring it in, it's obviously huge in the arms/shoulder area, but fits ok around the hips. Tried tucking the collar in to see what a mandarin would look like, not convinced.

Darts ...

Collar ... (scar is healing nicely)

Pretend Mandarin collar ...

Am up to seeing if it fits my Happy Husband and whether he'd like it for winter. Not sure if that's a cop-out or not. Maybe I'm a 'from scratch' type of sewer and not a re-fashionista ...

Mrs R

Post Shower: Got it! Scoop neck (get rid of the collar completely) and add small stand up ruffle, maybe 1.5cm high. This can be from the excess length at the bottom of the shirt. Will cut the armholes out properly (using a current blouse pattern) and modify the sleeve head to fit. Thinking will do an inverted pleat at the hem of the sleeve to bring it neater at the bottom. Basically, thinking it 'out loud'.

Out and About!

Popped into my favourite op-shop (Treasures on Railway Pde, Kelmscott) and had a hunt around. I found 2 metres of nice soft shirt fabric which was marked down to $1. Bargain! Will put that away for the 'right' project.

Found some beautiful patent leather mary-jane shoes, but after I got over the joy of mary-janes, realised that they weren't 'quite' right for me. Settled for this beautiful pair of Spanish leather loafers. Will look perfect with trousers, easy to wear and comfortable.

I have been wanting to let my inner creative beast out, and so bought a men's shirt to hack into. Have had delusions of getting a crisp white cotton shirt for work that fits, this way, it might happen. Here is the 'before' picture. I need to hack about 3 inches off the shoulder line, do some tricky stuff with darts to make the bodice fit, and then ... well, that's when I get creative! Have some thoughts of adding ruffles to the bodice and sleeves, but may not have enough 'scraps ... will have to see. Could get tricky and do something fun with rik-rak. The possibilities are endless.

Dropped some of LMS' bedroom off to our local op-shop and picked up this lovely pattern. I think it has alot of potential. The front variations are different - roloux loops & buttons/zip or absolutely nothing (stitched). Will make up a test run first.

I remember reading an editorial recently (Stitches magazine I think) and the gist of it was that sewers need to stock up and do some stash building for the economic downturn. The theory is that a) it will put money into the fabric shops, and b) when times are tough, you will have fabric on hand that you can sew with. Not totally convinced about the theory, but it's food for thought.

Mrs R

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jeans - and making them fit!

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some new jeans (new new - from a real shop - with a real price-tag - and with real money!!). They 'almost' fit me. Length was too long, waist was too big at the back. Gotta love Big W jeans - they have a great range, and they cost under $30.

Came home and did some research on the 'net and found this fantastic tutorial. Took a few minutes to actually process the information, but once I had - it made perfect sense.

So, this morning, took them up - and they are perfect! Basically, it's a tuck on the inside of the jeans, but the stitching is so very close to the original top-stitching, that you can barely tell! I ironed the tuck up into the leg, and used a little fusible webbing to hold it flat on the centre front & back. Just for my own peace of mind.

With the waist size, I make a slit in the inside of the waistband near the sideseams and thread elastic through until it gathers to fit. I handstitch this closed and you can hardly tell I've ripped!
Here's the back view - the elastic isn't that noticeable once they are on because they fit so well, and I wear my shirts over!

Now it's time to get out of my jarmies and into the morning!
Smiles, Mrs R

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night, my church held a Tenebrae (or Service of Shadows). Here’s an explanation of what happens:

The service of worship is taken from an early Christian service called Tenebrae. The name Tenebrae is the Latin word for "darkness" or "shadows." Tonight we will experience only a small portion of Christ’s pain and suffering the day of His crucifixion. One of the most conspicuous features of the service is the gradual extinguishing of candles until only a single candle, considered a symbol of our Lord, remains. As it gets darker and darker we can reflect on the great emotional and physical pain that was very real for Jesus that evening. Toward the end of the service, the Christ candle is hidden, typifying the apparent victory of the forces of evil over good. At the very end, a loud noise is made, symbolizing the earthquake at the time of his death (Matthew 27) and his resurrection (Matthew 28:2). At the moment of the earthquake, the temple veil was torn apart, making the Holy of Holies exposed to public view. This is understood to represent God's change toward us with direct access to him, no longer requiring the ceremonial acts of the priests for our forgiveness of sin. The hidden candle is then restored to its place, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. By this single light we all depart this service in silence.

I found it very powerful and moving ...

Mrs R

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Romper Stomper

Look what I bought yesterday - aren't they just gorgeous! Always wanted a pair of Dr Martens! OK, maybe more quirky than gorgeous, but still, they'll be great with jeans. Because they are fabric, might need to scotch guard them first.

Don't see shoes like this every day!

Close-up of the fabric/colour/stitching.

Mrs R ...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funky Shirt for Wednesday!

Here's me on the way to work today. I finished the shirt last night. Am pretty impressed with it, lots of room for movement, it all went together well. If I wanted more waist definition, I could take in the seams, but I like the feel of the fit, and I figured that as I was clean, neat and presentable, no-one will complain!

Have another blouse nearly finished - hem, sleeve hem & button/button holes go ... wonder if I'll manage it tonight ... hmmmm ... there's a challenge.

Am going to spend the day with my parents on Friday, and I think Mum & I are going fabric shopping - mum needs to make some trousers, I'm going along for the ride, plus, am going to 'see what I can see'. Now that I've got back into the mode of sewing for myself, might as well keep going!

On the way home today, I bought myself a pair of tapestry Doc Martin lace-up high tops. Will post a photo of them tomorrow ... they are really something to admire - I've never seen the like of them. They say "authentic" and Made In England, but I haven't found any pictures on the Net anything like them.

Mrs R