Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funky Shirt for Wednesday!

Here's me on the way to work today. I finished the shirt last night. Am pretty impressed with it, lots of room for movement, it all went together well. If I wanted more waist definition, I could take in the seams, but I like the feel of the fit, and I figured that as I was clean, neat and presentable, no-one will complain!

Have another blouse nearly finished - hem, sleeve hem & button/button holes go ... wonder if I'll manage it tonight ... hmmmm ... there's a challenge.

Am going to spend the day with my parents on Friday, and I think Mum & I are going fabric shopping - mum needs to make some trousers, I'm going along for the ride, plus, am going to 'see what I can see'. Now that I've got back into the mode of sewing for myself, might as well keep going!

On the way home today, I bought myself a pair of tapestry Doc Martin lace-up high tops. Will post a photo of them tomorrow ... they are really something to admire - I've never seen the like of them. They say "authentic" and Made In England, but I haven't found any pictures on the Net anything like them.

Mrs R

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