Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hairstyles & Buttons

Well, after much saving, LMS got her hair 'done'. It's been dyed a dark dark brown (almost black) with blonde foils, and had it heavily layered. She looks quite different, and far more 'teenage'.

My blouse is just about finished. Went to the fabric shop on way home, couldn’t find a single piece of fabric to buy, although I did find a pattern I liked. Something to think on. Problem is that it is designed to use soft floaty fabric, and I don’t do see-through (at all). Might have to bite the bullet and try Spotlight again. Main reason for going was to buy buttons, but their range was less than impressive.

Sat on couch and went through my button collection and after about ½ hour of sifting through, found 5 buttons that (nearly) match. They’re close enough to get away with, and I don’t think they’ll be bad enough to trigger off any visits from the Button Police! So, can do buttonholes today and hang blouse in the wardrobe!

Well, off to get the day started.
Smiles, Mrs R

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