Monday, December 29, 2008

Lavender Bags

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Here we are, stitching is finished, just waiting for the lavender to be put in. I have traced 5 more and put in my stitching tin for those 'waiting moments' that happen.

Mrs R

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finished article!

Here we are, finally finished.

LMS is adament that they are still ugly ... good thing I'm not wearing them out in public!!

Today is 'clean up the sewing mess' day ... hmmm ... that should take up a goodly portion of the morning!


Mrs R

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Enid sewing

Last night I drafted these cute undies from a 1950's book of Women & Teenagers Clothes, and made up a trial run. Few tweaks, and I made a pair to wear this morning. They are so very comfortable and easy to wear. I originally thought that the back panel would look like a nappy, but actually, it's very flattering (divides up the expanse with 2 vertical lines) and there is no chance of a wedgie!

LMS said that they are the ugliest things she has ever seen ... which, they probably are to her, she's a bond's girl!

I made up a pair in a soft white cotton, and bought some pretty sprigged cottons to make 2 more pairs. Have another pair cut out ready to go, but should really do the dishes first!

May post a picture later, depending on how they photograph!

Smiles, Mrs R

Friday, December 26, 2008

Skirt Trial

As I mentioned earlier, mum acquired some Enid Gilchrist books for me. Tonight, I drafted my first one ... even following the instructions (from 70's styles)! What a dream! It worked. I made it up in an old doona cover, so that I could see the cut/fit. Perfect! I did have to shorten it as it was designed to be 46" long - I dropped that down to 31" ... quite long enough for a short woman.

It is quite clever in design, it is cut on the straight of the fabric, but because of the shape, it ends up on the bias. It's a lovely flowing A-line skirt.

Anyways, here is the pattern and the rough trial. It will be a lovely easy to wear summer skirt.

Mrs R

Thursday, December 25, 2008

25th December!

Well, what a wonderful morning ... all slept in until AFTER 6am ... that's such a bonus!

Much mirth and merriment as stockings were opened ... I did the 3, and LMS did mine! TBM commented that "Mum won Christmas" ... taken from a line from Futurama!!!

Happy Husband had bought me a swing seat - which is something I've wanted for decades ... boys set it up on the back verandah ... I think I'll stop working and sit and swing all day ...

TBM picked up his pay yesterday and promptly spent it at the game shop. He bought a Super Mario racing game with 2 controllers, and the kids have spent a wonderful time racing! Sure helps having a big tv screen!

Currently, LMS is making scrambled eggs for breakfast, TBM requested sausages to go with it ... what a feast!

Enjoy your day,
Celebrate the Birth of Christ

Mrs R

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Angel Apron

This is the apron I made for one of my special friends. The wings are made from a cut up doily! All the embroidery is hand done - I'm getting very good at buttonholing! My fingers are quite mangled at present due to the amount of hand stitching I've been doing. May have to give it a rest and let them heal, then start again!

The apron

Angel Detail

Star detail - on the bottom corners of the apron.

Merry Christmas

Mrs R

Monday, December 22, 2008

Op shop treasures!

On my travels today, I visited a few op-shops, just looking looking looking ...

I bought some old Handmade Magazines (50c each - bargain!) and a few old books. One is called "And So to Embroider" ... it's c1960 and rather delightful. Here is an illustration from it - showcasing the embroidered pelmet & curtains!

I also got 2 metres of white cotton patchworking fabric (soaking now) for $1.50/metre, in comparison to $6.99/m at Spotlight! Bargain!

LMS did some digging and bought 2 pairs of jeans, 3 tops & a pair of shorts. All suitable, all beautiful, and all fit!

Best go hang out the washing, last day of the cricket carnival tomorrow, and he has to wear a specific shirt. Hooray for automatic washing machines!

Mrs R

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a day!

Well, LMS is officially 13! Hooray (for all who survived!). We had a lovely family party (oodles of children, aged from 3-13!), games, food, chats and many cups of tea. Perfect! I did laugh, because she had labelled the Pass the Parcel game ... "Parce the Parcel" ... the funniest thing was that my friend actually taught her in Grade 2 & 3, so we blamed her for the spelling. She was adamant that she taught her how to spell!! We all laughed!

One interesting thing was that sitting around afterwards with the adults, there were 9 adults, and of them, 3 were NOT teachers (and I was one of them!)! One of the girls said "Jen, you gotta start chosing your friends a bit better!" ... 4 primary teachers, 2 high (mum & dad) ...

My mum volunteers at her church's op-shop once a month. She doesn't love doing it, but feels obliged, and so struggles through. She was there on Friday, and I had asked for a new embroidery tin. I use biscuit tins for holding my embroidery, and because they come from the op-shop, I can have a new one each year. My new one has Charles Dickens pictures on it ... rather pretty. While she was there, she spied some things that she grabbed for me ... are you ready? Wait for it ... Enid Gilchrist pattern books! 2 of them. I love these books. Mainly for the nostalgia, but also because I love reading them, looking, dreaming, and then doing nothing about it. These magazines are from the 1970's. 70's styles (basic designs for the mature figure) and Girls Gear (5-12 years). They are just beautiful. I am quite tempted to draft up the dress pattern and give it a go. Would be nice to have some dresses for work - put on, look good and go!! Thinking thinking ...

While playing around on the web, I found this website ... I loved reading through it and am almost ready to do some drafting of my own.

The other treasure she got for me is a publication from the Government of Western Australia, Department of Public Health, Infant Helth Service - Baby and Toddler Patterns. Cost: 2/- ... so pre 1966! It is full of simple baby clothes, and a list of what you need for your new baby ... absolutely priceless. Mum said that it's the sorts of clothes that she made for me when I was born (1966) ... so it's from that era.

Well, enough of the waffle. I have 4 teenage girls sleeping in the shed this morning (after the family party was the friends for a sleep over) ... there was giggling, laughter, singing and general girly type of stuff. TBM kept muttering words like "shameful" in regards to the general behaviour - because of course HE is never high spirited or anything ... Grin!!

Well, off to the next task (washing I thinks) ...

Mrs R

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Batteries are in camera, and here are the pictures ...

This is a wheat pack I made for my sister-in-law. I'm really happy with how this turned out. I have since stitched the opening closed, the pin has been removed!

Yep, there is a bit of a theme happening here ... they seem to be made from the same fabric - well, that's what happens when you craft, you use everything up!

This is a teacup purse ... found the link - it will open in Babel Fish as it was originally posted in French.

And finally, the apron ...

I had this one ready to handstitch, but after looking at it, decided that the machine could do it! So, threaded my sewing machine up with the machine embroidery thread and did a passable job on the applique. I had fun, and it was very productive, done in an evening! I think the friend it will be gifted to will laugh!

And a close-up of the embroidery! I loved the idea of buttons for berries ... very clever!

Well, that's it for the minute, will post the last apron when I have finally finished it. I need to buy some brown embroidery floss for the angel's hair, and figure out how to do the face ... the instructions say use a permanent marker, but I'm sure I could do something easy with needle and black thread!

Mrs R

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Waiting on batteries

Yes, I've been a busy little pumpkin, but without camera batteries, just can't prove it!

Stay tuned ... pictures will appear!

Mrs R

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ta Da ... I'm a good mummy

Well, for the present I am! Been struggling to get LMS clothes that a) fit and are b) suitable. School uniform seems to be the isuse at present. She finally relented and said I could make her some shorts! She gave me pair that she likes (from Target) and I cut a pattern from them, and made them up. She likes them! So, last night, made a casual pair. Will make more school shorts next year as kids tend to grow over the Christmas holidays ... must be the sunshine!

Anyways, here's the details of the casual shorts!

Yes, that is a shaped pocket you can see ... was quite proud of myself!! They're quite short (well, to me they are - I'd rather them around her knees), but provide coverage for the important bits ... and she's comfortable in them!

Mrs R

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slowly Slowly

Getting towards 'thinking' about Christmas ... got the embroidery machine fired up and working this morning.

Here are the 2 camisoles I did for LMS ... I think they came up really well. Made cheap (Target) camisoles into something unique! The embroidery is on the left hip area ... will show when she layers, which is OK, they're pretty!

This is the handtowel for TBM. The idea is for him to attach it to his golf buggy and use it for clubs, hands, golf balls - whatever gets grubby!

Currently embroidering a monogram on a flannel for a friend to give as a Secret Santa present. I love being able to use my machine for others.

Mrs R

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ginger Christmas

On Saturday night, I went out with a friend to Melville Church of Christ to a ladies fellowship night, where we made a Gingerbread House. It was great fun, and here is the picture of my result. I think it will go to my brother-in-law for Christmas (with a gift voucher) as he loves ginger.

Mrs R

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recycled Paper Holder

Got a bit sidetracked with some cardboard, fabric and used paper ... so here's the result ... Inspiration was taken from here. I cheated by using the sewing machine instead of folding and handsewing ... but then, why not??
Paper is an A4 piece folded into 1/4's ... this way, can guarantee that the backs of printing will be used!

Mrs R

Making Morning

Feeling rather impressed with myself ... I made this stitchery some time ago, and last night, cut all the pieces to make an apron for LMS' Christmas Present. All in all, it's rather pretty.

The finished apron

The stitchery details

Check out that neat buttonholing ... I'm pretty impressed with it!

Next creative thing I need to do is clean the dirty dishes from last night ... sigh ... but, they've waited long enough.

Mrs R

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning (sorta)

Am gently tidying through and am tackling the lounge computer desk. Hmmm ... bit over-run. But look what I found!

This was sent to me by Carrie, who is on a Christian Stamping group with me ... isn't she clever to make such a gorgeous card!

Once I've 'made nice' at the computer desk, I'll do a 180deg swing and go look at the sewing area. It's not too bad, just needs a bit of a wipe over and some priority planning.

Charlie Dog is a bit confused, I took the blankets out of his bed and put them in the washing machine (with very very hot water) ... will be a complete shock to his system. Next step is to get him clipped for summer. At the moment, he's just a walking furball!

Somehow or other TBM scored another day at home. LMS is going to be royally cross tonight. Originally TBM was tired and unable to get off the couch and wanted to 'sleep all day'. By about 9am he was almost cured, 10am was a miraculous recovery! Tomorrow it's school OR ELSE!

Well, best stop procrastinating.

Mrs R

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recovery Days ...

Bit of an adventure ... went to hospital on Friday to have the lump on my neck removed. It appears to be a bronchial cyst, which is an abnormality that can sometimes happen while the baby is forming in the womb. So, I've had it that long!! Was able to come home Friday evening, which was great, and tucked up on the couch until bedtime. Am doing all the right things and taking my medicine as prescribed and spending lots of time resting ... voice is coming and going, but appetite is alive and well!!

I was in a 4 bed room and when I go there, there were 3 lovely ladies, all destined for home during the day. Went for my op, came back to 1 lady, and had a chat to her when I was next awake. She left, and I was on my own for a while. In the afternoon, I got another room-mate … who sure made me long for home (or the ability to smother her with a pillow). From the moment she was conscious she was loud and demanding. LOUD! She must have pressed the nurse button every 20 mins from 3-6pm. If I needed a nurse, and they came, she’d yell at them to go to her, and hijack them. The doc etc came to see her, and as they left, she’d be yelling questions after them as they left out of the door. This lady had her eye-lids tucked … and was holding forth to me about wearing make-up every day, and how she likes to look nice etc etc … I put a pillow over my head and had a nap. She was most upset when I got dinner and she didn’t!! She asked the Resident Doc (who was checking on her at the time) to see about where her dinner was, who very politely said that she doesn’t deal with that, and to ask a nurse.

So, hospital was a bit of an adventure! Would rather not go back in a hurry … however, in saying that, the staff were just lovely ... you just don't get to chose your room-mates!

I've just finished reading two of Francine Rivers' books ... And the Shofar Blew, and The Scarlet Thread. Both are rather inspiring, but I think maybe I should have read them further apart rather than one straight after the other, what is that quote? "Comparisons are odious".

Well, think I'll make a cuppa tea and go back to bed.

Mrs R

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dietes flowering out the front garden ... they are just beautiful.

I had a day work booked, but they cancelled yesterday, so I re-thought my plans, and decided to be a sloth at home. That worked until 7.40am, when I got a phone call asking if I could do a day's work. Printed out a map of how to get there, jumped in the shower, put my face on and out the door I went. This is a new school, and the office was just lovely. Really nice people, normal and down to earth. Did some bits and pieces here and there, learnt some new things, did an on-line course (discovered by accident) and generally earnt my money.

Came home and made up a big pot pasta bake sauce. Lots of diced bacon and hidden (food processed) vegetables. Will be enough for tonight, one for the freezer, and hopefully a lunch or two.
Here's a picture of a pie I made recently. It's officially a chicken, leek & mushroom pie, but I made it with chicken, bacon & onion. Either way, was delicious! Made one for dinner, one for the freezer, which is my current plan for filling the freezer. That, and buying marked down meat & bread.
Still trying to sort out the columns in my budget spreadsheet. I'm trying to simplify, but it is a bit tough, as I like to have money popped away for every contingency (and then some!). Big pay tomorrow, as I get paid out for holidays etc due to my contract finishing. Then, there is summer holidays coming, where I get NO pay at all, so it's a bit of a balancing act. As TBM says somewhat sarcastically "here comes Poor People Budget". LMS doesn't care providing her lifestyle doesn't change in the least! Nothing shallow about her!!
Had my first day of work experience yesterday. Definately not what I imagined. Spent the morning sorting out scrapbooking supplies. The scrapbooking supplies are for craft & self worth type activities with various kids in the school at various times. The aim was to get them away so that they could be brought out as needed. So, lots of sorting, categorising and labelling. I sat in on a lunchtime meeting which was a real eyeopener (District Council for Chaplaincy). So much goes on behind the scenes, agonising, red tape etc etc, and you only see the end product, without knowing how hard fought that end decision/project has been. After that, I was back in the Chaplain's office tidying, organising and generally 'making nice'. She's such a busy lady, never stopping, and doesn't get the time to make things orderly. The good thing about the day was that I was observing her role in the school as well as being busy. Win/Win I think!!

Anyways, time to go serve up dinner.

Smiles, Mrs R

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a long break!

Well, it's been forever since I last posted, just re-activated my password, so I'm back in action! Next step is to get the camera and the computer linked up together. Until then, pictureless!

I'm off to work experience today, I've been studying towards Certificate III in Youth Studies. I need to get 60 hours of work experience to qualify and get my piece of paper with it's shiny gold star! So, will put in 6 hours today, and nibble away at it bit by bit.

Will write more later

Mrs R

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organising ... or mess making!

This is how our sewing/computer room looked yesterday while I was trying to get some sense into it all. LMS's sewing machine really doesn't work that well, so it will go into the shed until I can figure out what to do, and she can use my machine (carefully), so that will give us some space. I tried to move the chest of drawers, but broke one of the legs off (it is very old and rather unsteady). Hmmm ... onto Plan B. Brought in the low-boy from the back verandah and packed that with sewing gear. Much better, also it's far sturdier, so that the embroidery machine won't shake it to pieces. We bought this cupboard when we were expecting TBM (15 years ago) and it's done various jobs over the years ... one of those useful things ... just need to change the handles over (eventually) and get the stickers off it (darn kids).

Couldn't get out of the room!

Will post "after" photos later in the week.

Happy Day, Mrs R

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bags and bags ...

After some discussion on Simple Savings & Frugal Aussies, have decided to make some shopping bags to hold my fruit & vegies in, instead of using plastic bags. Let's face it, they only get thrown out when home, so this saves a small 'something'.

I bought a sheer curtain length from the op-shop for 50c and made 6 bags, 1 gift bag, and there is another one on the floor (the overlocker didn't like it). I'll re-cut it and make it up this arvo (fingers crossed). They worked out to be 6 cents each and weigh 15 gms.

They also double up as washing bags for delicate garments ... I never have enough of these ... I'm thrilled!

Here's the gift bag, and the flower details (playing around with 3d embroidery & scraps!

One of the clever girls on Simple Savings posted a link to an eco lunch bag. I thought this was great, so made one of them too. Didn't have any vinyl, so used quilters cotton & rip-stop nylon. This provides a water resistant (rather than a water proof) layer, and will be easily washed & dried. Won't be able to test it out until I head to work on Thursday ...

Here it is closed (as if it had sandwiches in it)

and opened up ... makes a nice placemat ...

And, a final word on bags, I just won an e-bay auction for a leather handbag ... I'm very excited ... looked around the shops and the op-shops but really couldn't find what I wanted. This will be lovely, and at a fine price!

So, best get onto cleaning up the sewing mess so that I can find things, and stop stepping on bobbins (plastic ones crack when you step on them!).

Mrs R

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wii got one!

Yep, Happy Husband and the kids went out after rollerskating yesterday and bought a Wii Fit. What a great little thingo it is too! Had oodles of fun on it, and my muscles are protesting today (what's new!). It very politely told me that a) I'm not as strong as I should be, b) I'm in the upper end of overweight, and c) that my BMI is far too high. Good thing it's a polite machine! I crack up every time I get on the board as it says "ouch" ... someone had a sense of humour!

LMS is marginally addicted ... ok, more than marginally, and TBM is trying equally as hard to make up the minutes that she is getting ... can you say "sibling rivalry"?

Well, I can hear noises from LMS's bedroom, so if I want a go on the new toy, I'd better go lay my claim now!

Smiles, Mrs R

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sniff sniff

Still not 100% well, come down with a head-cold! Am very tired of being ill now. Went to the healthfood shop and bought the most disgusting medicine (ever) called Immune 8 which seems to be helping. I'm well in myself, just my body isn't working quite well enough! One of the lovely library ladies gave me some Chinese tea which is great for coughs. It's called Lo-Han-Kuo Beverage and it's delicious (very sweet) ... costs about $2 for a box of 12, and there are 24 serves. I think it will be something to keep in the house as it will be great for the kids when they have coughs and aren't well. Gotta taste better than Senega Ammonia (revolting).

Been a good week at work, my badge came on Wednesday, so on Thursday/Friday, I was official! Felt great! Been working on the school newsletter and it's coming up a treat. Naturally, most articles are arriving AFTER the deadline (wouldn't expect any different) ... but I mentioned that any late articles would need to be accompanied by chocolate (cheeky, but hopeful). So far, one department paid up! Ferrero Rocher ... mmmmmmm. Still waiting on 2 articles, then hopefully, will convince the photocopier to start producing ... need over 700 copies. Up until now, the school has had it done professionally by a printer. By doing it in-house, there is a huge amount of money being saved that can be re-directed into other areas. PLUS, the school is able to put out more than 1 a term - hoping for 2 ... have interest in the next one already! It's really exciting to be a part of this.

Picked up LMS's bed last week, TBM's is in-store today. The boys will go pick it up this arvo and hopefully, get it assembled for tonight. Have said that they need to buy a sheet for it, as it's a queen, and the biggest linen I have is double. Happy Husband said that we now need a new bed as he's not having our son have a bed bigger than ours (double). Bigger needs for us first are a new doona, and some chest of drawers where the drawers slide in and out!! We are planning on buying 2, one each - after 18.5 years, we don't want to share anymore!!

Well, seeing as I have the house to myself for the morning, am not going to waste it further, and will go get a few things done (washing, cleaning, dishes ... etc etc).

Smiles, Mrs R

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend round-up ...

Right now, have been commissioned to type up a piece for Little Miss Sunshine on Common Wombats, yep - it's homework due tomorrow, being done now. Sigh ...

OK, homework seems to be in hand ...

Had a wonderful day yesterday ... LMS & I picked up our friends at lunchtime and out we went for the afternoon. First stop, the new Christian Bookstore at Southern River (Ranford Road). Was lovely, homely and fresh. Had a wonderful lunch there, and just blissful. Then, discovered an op-shop next door ... aaaaahhhhh ... went in there with winter clothes for work on my agenda and scored well. Bought 2 shirts, a lovely wrap cardigan (reminiscent of a kimono) and a brand new bra (with all the store tags). All up, under $15. After all our bargains, off to Livingston we went to 'do' Big W. It's such a treat to go there ... and I do enjoy looking around at all they have. Ended up buying some paper & card stock, more about that in a minute. Was time for another cuppa, then we all did some top-up shopping at Woolies, then back to our friends' home for a cuppa.

The Chaplain at work is going to run some scrap booking sessions during lunchtime for kids that are being bullied. Will give them a safe place to go, something to do and some positive re enforcement, as well as being fun. She has asked for donations and ideas. Because we thought it to be a good idea, each of us bought a pack of 100 scrap booking papers ($8 each) to give her as a start - so that's 300 sheets! I've also been through some of my sewing things to find trinkets and trims. She's hoping to do it for free, but I think she may have to settle for 'very very cheap'.

Today was LMS' rollerskating competition. She was in the Exhibition Class (pre-competition) again ... went well, although was 2 hours of driving for 3 minutes of skating time. Good thing we love our children ...
Discovered some rather nasty noises in the back of the car, stopped at a friend's home and the boys took the back wheel off ... turns out the brake pads are down to nothing. I will get them fixed on Tuesday (work tomorrow). Bit scary really ... will drive very very carefully tomorrow.

Have done some simple alterations to 2 cardigans so that I can wear them easily. Replaced an inside tie on one with a loop and button ... will wear well and I don't have to be a contortionist to do it up. The other one, I put a button and loop on the back of the opening. This cardigan is made from a polyester and the ties are very slippery and won't stay done up. This way, I can button it (invisibly) and it will stay done up. It is the most beautiful garment, and has a matching camisole top. It's a rich coral pink colour and made from a fine knit, with seed pearl details around the openings, and on the ties. Just gorgeous it is, and I feel very classy when I wear it.

Time to go and get dinner moving along, home made meat pie with potato bake and vegetables.

Happy week, Mrs R

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Creative Carding

Been thinking about card-making recently. Many years ago, it was my craft of choice. I spent alot of time (and money) on paraphanalia to create works of art (or greeting cards). It is a lovely hobby and very satisfying. More recently, I've lost the passion for it, and have resorted to buying nice $1 cards. Still does the job, but not as rewarding.

While I was down at library recently, I saw a card pack for sale. 40 or so handmade cards for $15. Had to think hard about that. Came to the conclusion that having a bulk amount isn't a good idea. If they're not used, they get dog-eared and dusty. Decided that I had enough bits and pieces to make a small stash for sending.

Out came my cardstock, cutter and ... oh dear ... no sticky-tape or glue! Not to matter ... Plan B. I used the sewing machine! Truly ... I made 8 pretty cards and have a nice stash in my card box now ... and saved $8 on buying them at $1 each. It's also a very good use for blunted sewing needles, as paper blunts them easily, you don't want to use a good new needle for such projects!

Here are 4 cards ...

and a pretty 'feathery' one.

Enjoy, Mrs R

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunshine & Sunday

LMS & I went to the Gosnells Markets today for a 'look see'. We did the rounds first, then went back and looked at everything carefully.

I got my eyebrows waxed, so that I am far neater & tidier to look at ... phew!

After lunch, I treated both of us to a 20min Chinese Massage. We are quite sure that it should be renamed "pay for torture" ... I lay on the table, and the lady climbed up, knelt on the back of my thighs, and using her hands, put her upper body weight on various spots along my back ... At that point I had 2 words "personal space" ... and that was just a taste of things to come ... she was very thorough with hands like vices ... dd's was a little better, she got an upper shoulder/neck/head massage, and the lady got the knots out of one shoulder ... but both of us were convinced that we won't be doing that again!!

We went to the jewellery store and bought hair bands for LMS so that she doesn't look like a shaggy dog, and while there, I spied this beautiful pendant. Yep ... I bought it for myself ... it is so beautiful! Also got a pretty hair clip for my mother, it's cute, but subtle ... hope she likes it. If not, she can pass it onto one of my nieces!

Meanwhile, at golf, the Blonde Mop had a great day and won the competition. He brought home a huge trophy, 2 x $15 vouchers (to the golf shop) won the monthly mug, and also a nearest to the pin! I told my husband that it was due to the wonderful teaching he received (Happy Husband came 18th!).

I've discovered a lovely website called Sew Retro which has inspired me greatly. I have even (gasp) gone onto e-bay to bid for some patterns ... hmmmm ... need them like a hole in the head! However ... maybe I'll get to and finish the dress I've got on the go first!!

Happy day to all, Mrs R

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoes ...

Back to school for the kidlets today ... yay yay yay ... ok, that was from the mum, NOT from the children, they were less than thrilled to be back! I've got the washing sorted, dinner defrosting, some washing folded, and started in my wardrobe. I got all my shoes out ... look what I found! 18 pairs which doesn't include my slippers or my crocs, so that brings me up to 20 pairs. It wasn't that long ago when you were fortunate to have 2 pairs, one for every day, one for church ... don't know that progress is all that it's cracked up to be in some ways ... however ... I digress.

Of all these shoes, 4 pairs were bought brand new, the rest are from the op-shop, and I have paid between $2 and $10 per pair. I love Mary Jane shoes, and have 4 pairs (3 black, 1 pink). My husband feels that the pink pair are the ugliest things he has ever seen. I've only worn them once as a result, and I think they may be re-donated for someone else to love.

These are my new RED shoes ... they are so very very comfortable! There is a photo of me aged 6 with red Mary Jane's ... obviously I still love red shoes!!

Well, while it's fun to be sharing with you, I'd best get back into the day and make some progress on my 'real job' being a home maker ... Smiles, Mrs R

Monday, April 28, 2008

I can see the shelves!

Still carrying on the tidying in cupboards! I won't say it's becoming addictive, but I do like the results. I'm now in the kitchen pantry, this is where I keep things that I use daily, opened packets, canisters etc etc ... you get the idea. I discovered that I had 5 bottles of honey with about 1cm of honey in each of them. I boiled the kettle, warmed them and decanted into the current honey jar. Waste not, want not!

Here's a small 'before' shot ... sad but true ...

And a few 'afters' ...

AND, here is the pile ready for the rubbish bin ...

Next step is to re-label the tupperware containers on the baking shelf, nothing worse than making a cuppa tea for a friend and using salt instead of sugar ... and believe it or not, it HAS happened ... they still remind me about that ... good thing I really like these girls!

I'm not venturing up to the top shelf today, that can wait until tomorrow I reckon ... not sure that I want to know what I've hidden up there.

Kids & I had a huge day out today (all nice things) and on the way home, I used some money I'd earnt sewing and re-stocked the back cupboard. It's lovely to look in there and see stuff ... makes me far more secure and content (I know it's silly). Now I just have to maintain levels. Still some things I'd like to keep on hand, but that can happen slowly.

Off to clean up and take the rubbish to the bin (or dispose of the evidence!).

Smiles, Mrs R (grubby but content!)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photos ... to prove I've been busy!

Got the camera re-connected, so back in action!

Here is my version of the 'winkie' ...

How I normally wear my t-shirt

The attachment ...

The 'after shot'!

I feel far more secure wearing this! AND because it's attached to my bra, it doesn't flap or move ... when I bend, it bends ... and stays close to my chest. Certainly makes me feel much more comfortable and care-free as I'm not worrying about gaps or gapes, and no extra straps to drive me batty!

Here's the work I did for my friend ...

Embroidery in progress ...

I have a Janome 350E ... I'm still very much a beginner, but each time I use it I learn something more (even if it's what NOT to do!).

Here's half the pile ready for the threads to be clipped.

And, last but not least ...

The Blonde Mop's golf shoe bag.

He was quite chuffed with it, however proceeded to leave it home when he left for the game this morning, so had to play in his normal track shoes! Did have to laugh!

Well, as you can tell, I've had a busy weekend ... time for bed now ...

Nighty Nite ... Mrs R