Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organising ... or mess making!

This is how our sewing/computer room looked yesterday while I was trying to get some sense into it all. LMS's sewing machine really doesn't work that well, so it will go into the shed until I can figure out what to do, and she can use my machine (carefully), so that will give us some space. I tried to move the chest of drawers, but broke one of the legs off (it is very old and rather unsteady). Hmmm ... onto Plan B. Brought in the low-boy from the back verandah and packed that with sewing gear. Much better, also it's far sturdier, so that the embroidery machine won't shake it to pieces. We bought this cupboard when we were expecting TBM (15 years ago) and it's done various jobs over the years ... one of those useful things ... just need to change the handles over (eventually) and get the stickers off it (darn kids).

Couldn't get out of the room!

Will post "after" photos later in the week.

Happy Day, Mrs R

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J-ME said...

Miss seeing your posts... hope you can get back to blogging soon.