Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bags and bags ...

After some discussion on Simple Savings & Frugal Aussies, have decided to make some shopping bags to hold my fruit & vegies in, instead of using plastic bags. Let's face it, they only get thrown out when home, so this saves a small 'something'.

I bought a sheer curtain length from the op-shop for 50c and made 6 bags, 1 gift bag, and there is another one on the floor (the overlocker didn't like it). I'll re-cut it and make it up this arvo (fingers crossed). They worked out to be 6 cents each and weigh 15 gms.

They also double up as washing bags for delicate garments ... I never have enough of these ... I'm thrilled!

Here's the gift bag, and the flower details (playing around with 3d embroidery & scraps!

One of the clever girls on Simple Savings posted a link to an eco lunch bag. I thought this was great, so made one of them too. Didn't have any vinyl, so used quilters cotton & rip-stop nylon. This provides a water resistant (rather than a water proof) layer, and will be easily washed & dried. Won't be able to test it out until I head to work on Thursday ...

Here it is closed (as if it had sandwiches in it)

and opened up ... makes a nice placemat ...

And, a final word on bags, I just won an e-bay auction for a leather handbag ... I'm very excited ... looked around the shops and the op-shops but really couldn't find what I wanted. This will be lovely, and at a fine price!

So, best get onto cleaning up the sewing mess so that I can find things, and stop stepping on bobbins (plastic ones crack when you step on them!).

Mrs R

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J-ME said...

The 3D flowers are so dainty and pretty! Great job.