Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a day!

Well, LMS is officially 13! Hooray (for all who survived!). We had a lovely family party (oodles of children, aged from 3-13!), games, food, chats and many cups of tea. Perfect! I did laugh, because she had labelled the Pass the Parcel game ... "Parce the Parcel" ... the funniest thing was that my friend actually taught her in Grade 2 & 3, so we blamed her for the spelling. She was adamant that she taught her how to spell!! We all laughed!

One interesting thing was that sitting around afterwards with the adults, there were 9 adults, and of them, 3 were NOT teachers (and I was one of them!)! One of the girls said "Jen, you gotta start chosing your friends a bit better!" ... 4 primary teachers, 2 high (mum & dad) ...

My mum volunteers at her church's op-shop once a month. She doesn't love doing it, but feels obliged, and so struggles through. She was there on Friday, and I had asked for a new embroidery tin. I use biscuit tins for holding my embroidery, and because they come from the op-shop, I can have a new one each year. My new one has Charles Dickens pictures on it ... rather pretty. While she was there, she spied some things that she grabbed for me ... are you ready? Wait for it ... Enid Gilchrist pattern books! 2 of them. I love these books. Mainly for the nostalgia, but also because I love reading them, looking, dreaming, and then doing nothing about it. These magazines are from the 1970's. 70's styles (basic designs for the mature figure) and Girls Gear (5-12 years). They are just beautiful. I am quite tempted to draft up the dress pattern and give it a go. Would be nice to have some dresses for work - put on, look good and go!! Thinking thinking ...

While playing around on the web, I found this website ... I loved reading through it and am almost ready to do some drafting of my own.

The other treasure she got for me is a publication from the Government of Western Australia, Department of Public Health, Infant Helth Service - Baby and Toddler Patterns. Cost: 2/- ... so pre 1966! It is full of simple baby clothes, and a list of what you need for your new baby ... absolutely priceless. Mum said that it's the sorts of clothes that she made for me when I was born (1966) ... so it's from that era.

Well, enough of the waffle. I have 4 teenage girls sleeping in the shed this morning (after the family party was the friends for a sleep over) ... there was giggling, laughter, singing and general girly type of stuff. TBM kept muttering words like "shameful" in regards to the general behaviour - because of course HE is never high spirited or anything ... Grin!!

Well, off to the next task (washing I thinks) ...

Mrs R

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