Thursday, December 25, 2008

25th December!

Well, what a wonderful morning ... all slept in until AFTER 6am ... that's such a bonus!

Much mirth and merriment as stockings were opened ... I did the 3, and LMS did mine! TBM commented that "Mum won Christmas" ... taken from a line from Futurama!!!

Happy Husband had bought me a swing seat - which is something I've wanted for decades ... boys set it up on the back verandah ... I think I'll stop working and sit and swing all day ...

TBM picked up his pay yesterday and promptly spent it at the game shop. He bought a Super Mario racing game with 2 controllers, and the kids have spent a wonderful time racing! Sure helps having a big tv screen!

Currently, LMS is making scrambled eggs for breakfast, TBM requested sausages to go with it ... what a feast!

Enjoy your day,
Celebrate the Birth of Christ

Mrs R

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