Friday, December 26, 2008

Skirt Trial

As I mentioned earlier, mum acquired some Enid Gilchrist books for me. Tonight, I drafted my first one ... even following the instructions (from 70's styles)! What a dream! It worked. I made it up in an old doona cover, so that I could see the cut/fit. Perfect! I did have to shorten it as it was designed to be 46" long - I dropped that down to 31" ... quite long enough for a short woman.

It is quite clever in design, it is cut on the straight of the fabric, but because of the shape, it ends up on the bias. It's a lovely flowing A-line skirt.

Anyways, here is the pattern and the rough trial. It will be a lovely easy to wear summer skirt.

Mrs R

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Tracy said...

The skirt looks pretty. Thank you so much for letting me know about your Enid creations. I like the panties too. I've not drafted either of those patterns as yet. It's really good to see them made up. I'll add your blog to my reader so i can keep up to date with any other Enids you make. Kind Regards Tracy