Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Enid sewing

Last night I drafted these cute undies from a 1950's book of Women & Teenagers Clothes, and made up a trial run. Few tweaks, and I made a pair to wear this morning. They are so very comfortable and easy to wear. I originally thought that the back panel would look like a nappy, but actually, it's very flattering (divides up the expanse with 2 vertical lines) and there is no chance of a wedgie!

LMS said that they are the ugliest things she has ever seen ... which, they probably are to her, she's a bond's girl!

I made up a pair in a soft white cotton, and bought some pretty sprigged cottons to make 2 more pairs. Have another pair cut out ready to go, but should really do the dishes first!

May post a picture later, depending on how they photograph!

Smiles, Mrs R

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