Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sniff sniff

Still not 100% well, come down with a head-cold! Am very tired of being ill now. Went to the healthfood shop and bought the most disgusting medicine (ever) called Immune 8 which seems to be helping. I'm well in myself, just my body isn't working quite well enough! One of the lovely library ladies gave me some Chinese tea which is great for coughs. It's called Lo-Han-Kuo Beverage and it's delicious (very sweet) ... costs about $2 for a box of 12, and there are 24 serves. I think it will be something to keep in the house as it will be great for the kids when they have coughs and aren't well. Gotta taste better than Senega Ammonia (revolting).

Been a good week at work, my badge came on Wednesday, so on Thursday/Friday, I was official! Felt great! Been working on the school newsletter and it's coming up a treat. Naturally, most articles are arriving AFTER the deadline (wouldn't expect any different) ... but I mentioned that any late articles would need to be accompanied by chocolate (cheeky, but hopeful). So far, one department paid up! Ferrero Rocher ... mmmmmmm. Still waiting on 2 articles, then hopefully, will convince the photocopier to start producing ... need over 700 copies. Up until now, the school has had it done professionally by a printer. By doing it in-house, there is a huge amount of money being saved that can be re-directed into other areas. PLUS, the school is able to put out more than 1 a term - hoping for 2 ... have interest in the next one already! It's really exciting to be a part of this.

Picked up LMS's bed last week, TBM's is in-store today. The boys will go pick it up this arvo and hopefully, get it assembled for tonight. Have said that they need to buy a sheet for it, as it's a queen, and the biggest linen I have is double. Happy Husband said that we now need a new bed as he's not having our son have a bed bigger than ours (double). Bigger needs for us first are a new doona, and some chest of drawers where the drawers slide in and out!! We are planning on buying 2, one each - after 18.5 years, we don't want to share anymore!!

Well, seeing as I have the house to myself for the morning, am not going to waste it further, and will go get a few things done (washing, cleaning, dishes ... etc etc).

Smiles, Mrs R

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