Saturday, May 10, 2008

Creative Carding

Been thinking about card-making recently. Many years ago, it was my craft of choice. I spent alot of time (and money) on paraphanalia to create works of art (or greeting cards). It is a lovely hobby and very satisfying. More recently, I've lost the passion for it, and have resorted to buying nice $1 cards. Still does the job, but not as rewarding.

While I was down at library recently, I saw a card pack for sale. 40 or so handmade cards for $15. Had to think hard about that. Came to the conclusion that having a bulk amount isn't a good idea. If they're not used, they get dog-eared and dusty. Decided that I had enough bits and pieces to make a small stash for sending.

Out came my cardstock, cutter and ... oh dear ... no sticky-tape or glue! Not to matter ... Plan B. I used the sewing machine! Truly ... I made 8 pretty cards and have a nice stash in my card box now ... and saved $8 on buying them at $1 each. It's also a very good use for blunted sewing needles, as paper blunts them easily, you don't want to use a good new needle for such projects!

Here are 4 cards ...

and a pretty 'feathery' one.

Enjoy, Mrs R


Lori Stilger said...

BEAUTIFUL cards, Jen!!! :D It's great to see you beeing paper-crafty again. I mean, you've GOT all the stuff, right? :D

libby said...

Great cards!! Love your creative solution to no glue or tape :-).


Daughter of the King said...

Wonderful work Jennifer
I remember way back when, you were doing all those great serendipity cards..I liked that technique

J-ME said...

Catching up with blogging friends ..... I like your cards. Isn't it great to save $$!!