Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunshine & Sunday

LMS & I went to the Gosnells Markets today for a 'look see'. We did the rounds first, then went back and looked at everything carefully.

I got my eyebrows waxed, so that I am far neater & tidier to look at ... phew!

After lunch, I treated both of us to a 20min Chinese Massage. We are quite sure that it should be renamed "pay for torture" ... I lay on the table, and the lady climbed up, knelt on the back of my thighs, and using her hands, put her upper body weight on various spots along my back ... At that point I had 2 words "personal space" ... and that was just a taste of things to come ... she was very thorough with hands like vices ... dd's was a little better, she got an upper shoulder/neck/head massage, and the lady got the knots out of one shoulder ... but both of us were convinced that we won't be doing that again!!

We went to the jewellery store and bought hair bands for LMS so that she doesn't look like a shaggy dog, and while there, I spied this beautiful pendant. Yep ... I bought it for myself ... it is so beautiful! Also got a pretty hair clip for my mother, it's cute, but subtle ... hope she likes it. If not, she can pass it onto one of my nieces!

Meanwhile, at golf, the Blonde Mop had a great day and won the competition. He brought home a huge trophy, 2 x $15 vouchers (to the golf shop) won the monthly mug, and also a nearest to the pin! I told my husband that it was due to the wonderful teaching he received (Happy Husband came 18th!).

I've discovered a lovely website called Sew Retro which has inspired me greatly. I have even (gasp) gone onto e-bay to bid for some patterns ... hmmmm ... need them like a hole in the head! However ... maybe I'll get to and finish the dress I've got on the go first!!

Happy day to all, Mrs R

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