Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoes ...

Back to school for the kidlets today ... yay yay yay ... ok, that was from the mum, NOT from the children, they were less than thrilled to be back! I've got the washing sorted, dinner defrosting, some washing folded, and started in my wardrobe. I got all my shoes out ... look what I found! 18 pairs which doesn't include my slippers or my crocs, so that brings me up to 20 pairs. It wasn't that long ago when you were fortunate to have 2 pairs, one for every day, one for church ... don't know that progress is all that it's cracked up to be in some ways ... however ... I digress.

Of all these shoes, 4 pairs were bought brand new, the rest are from the op-shop, and I have paid between $2 and $10 per pair. I love Mary Jane shoes, and have 4 pairs (3 black, 1 pink). My husband feels that the pink pair are the ugliest things he has ever seen. I've only worn them once as a result, and I think they may be re-donated for someone else to love.

These are my new RED shoes ... they are so very very comfortable! There is a photo of me aged 6 with red Mary Jane's ... obviously I still love red shoes!!

Well, while it's fun to be sharing with you, I'd best get back into the day and make some progress on my 'real job' being a home maker ... Smiles, Mrs R

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