Thursday, April 10, 2008

Busy Thursday

Phew, finally come home to a very happy Charlie Dog ... he misses me while I'm at work! Last day of work at the local high school today. They gave me a beautiful plant to say "thanks for helping us out this term" which was so kind of them. I had a very interesting, growthful time, and they were all very patient with me and I have learnt alot. I go to a new high school next term for 3 days a week. More learning I figures! Oh, in case you are wondering, I work as a relief School Officer, I have my name down at 3 high schools within a 20 min drive from home. The hours are good and it works in well with the family, plus I can get part time work that suits sporting commitments (children!)

Little Miss Sunshine & her friend caught the bus to the local rec centre for National Youth Day. The local YAC (Youth Advisory Council) are having an open cafe night with a movie (on a huge screen cinema sized screen). On the way home the Blonde Mop & I dropped in to see what was happening. He got involved in a game of poker, and the girls & I played Twister. My Happy Husband will pick LMS up after the movie (Surf's Up).

The Blonde Mop came home with a yellow headband. He asked if I'd make him a new one with a Nike brand on it. It's do-able. Unfortunately, we could only find some white stretchy stuff, and he really wanted yellow, but the white will apparently do for tomorrow. TBM asked if He could go shopping on the way home (late night trading) so off we went. He knew exactly what he wanted, and found school track pants at K-mart (I found some lovely foundation which cost more than his pants!), then off to Target where he got a windbreaker and a pair of new work trousers. Phew! At least he's a discerning shopper and knows what he wants and likes, plus is prepared to accept boundaries of finances and my shopping patience!

Off to make dinner I think - spag bol sounds like the go - quick easy and no fuss (plus very very filling!)

Smiles, Mrs R

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