Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Madness

Well, before breakfast, I managed to put up 6 pairs of trousers for a customer, phew! All done. Also been discovering the wonderful world of sewing blogs ... oh I am so inspired and motivated. I guess the first step is to actually clean up my sewing area so that I can 'create'.

The kids are out of school today, as we are going to our friend's funeral. He was 14. It will be a sad service, but a very important way of saying 'goodbye' ...

The Blonde Mop will brush his hair for the occasion (he's been told), and we've had a few wardrobe consults (mainly me saying ... "no" ... try again!) ... settled on a t-shirt (with attitude) & checked long shorts with skate shoes, very appropriate. Little Miss Sunshine has had 2 changes thus far, and is now in a summer dress (shades of white, rust, brown & hints of black) with bright blue shoes (with silver dangles & jingles), a black cardigan and a brown furry handbag. It's quite delightful ...

After the cuppa after the service, we will go off for lunch at the shopping centre, then to the hospital to have Little Miss Sunshine's finger re-xrayed to see if there is a fracture or not. Also find out exactly what she can and can't do and for how long.

The Blonde Mop is working again this evening, so will have to be home and get him back to work in time for 5pm (although he was smart enough to let them know that he may get in a little late, depending on how long we have to wait at the hospital).

My Happy Husband had a clever friend over yesterday afternoon, who fixed up our wireless connection. We can now have 3 people on the internet at once ... plus the Wii is also hooked up wire-less-ly. The Blonde Mop spent some time uploading and figuring it out this morning.

Well, best go put my best face on (with the aid of a well lit mirror) and skedaddle (will check for tissues first!).

Mrs R

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