Monday, April 28, 2008

I can see the shelves!

Still carrying on the tidying in cupboards! I won't say it's becoming addictive, but I do like the results. I'm now in the kitchen pantry, this is where I keep things that I use daily, opened packets, canisters etc etc ... you get the idea. I discovered that I had 5 bottles of honey with about 1cm of honey in each of them. I boiled the kettle, warmed them and decanted into the current honey jar. Waste not, want not!

Here's a small 'before' shot ... sad but true ...

And a few 'afters' ...

AND, here is the pile ready for the rubbish bin ...

Next step is to re-label the tupperware containers on the baking shelf, nothing worse than making a cuppa tea for a friend and using salt instead of sugar ... and believe it or not, it HAS happened ... they still remind me about that ... good thing I really like these girls!

I'm not venturing up to the top shelf today, that can wait until tomorrow I reckon ... not sure that I want to know what I've hidden up there.

Kids & I had a huge day out today (all nice things) and on the way home, I used some money I'd earnt sewing and re-stocked the back cupboard. It's lovely to look in there and see stuff ... makes me far more secure and content (I know it's silly). Now I just have to maintain levels. Still some things I'd like to keep on hand, but that can happen slowly.

Off to clean up and take the rubbish to the bin (or dispose of the evidence!).

Smiles, Mrs R (grubby but content!)

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Daughter of the King said...

I am inspired to do some of the same...good job..