Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tidying, sorting & menu planning

Was watching "How Clean is Your House?" yesterday and was quite inspired to organise and de-clutter. Started last night in the bathroom, and emptied the cupboards and culled a fair bit.

Today, I got into the back cupboard (which lives in the laundry) that is my storage pantry cupboard. On Frugal Aussies, we've been talking about stockpiling and pantry stores. I was so happy to get in there and sort out so that I can see exactly what I have on hand, and what I need to shop for. I culled a huge garbage bag full of rubbish ... glad to see that go. Everything else got sorted, lined up and is now neatly arranged.

Top shelf, cleaning & washing products, light globes and a shelf for presents.

Next 2 shelves, packets, tins, jars etc
Toilet paper (not in the photo), wrapping paper, stationery & plastic bags.

Certainly not tackling the kitchen just yet ... that's a HUGE task that I don't want to think about!

Also went through the freezer stash and came up with meals for the next two & a half weeks (18 days). I have meat content, so should 'theoretically' only need to shop for basics and pantry stocking items! Will also put money aside for next big buy to re-fill the freezer.

Here's the menu plan:
  1. Chipolata sausages
  2. Bacon & Eggs
  3. Spag Bolognese
  4. Kebabs
  5. Pasta Napolitano
  6. Rissoles
  7. Casserole
  8. Minestrone
  9. Meat Pie
  10. Grilled steak
  11. Pizza
  12. Grilled Chicken
  13. Braised steak & onions
  14. Pasta Napolitano
  15. Spag Bolognese
  16. Stir fry
  17. Roast Corn Beef
  18. Scrambled eggs

Happy day, Mrs R

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libby said...

How clean is your house is a great show isn't it? Very inspiring. Also makes you feel better about your own home :-) even it's not where you'd like it to be.
Sounds like you're being very productive with your tidying, organising and menu planning.