Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lovely lazy days ...

Well, in my dreams maybe!!

Yesterday I took Little Miss Sunshine to the ANZAC day service after which there was a huge country style morning tea. Lovely to see & talk to people in our community.

On Thursday a friend gave me some work to do ... 7 pairs of trousers to hem, and 14 shirts to embroider - on one side over the pocket the driver's name on the other side is the company name. First time I've done commercial work like this ... took me all day, but finished last night! AND pretty well done if I say so myself. Pictures to follow - having trouble connecting camera to computer at present!

Last night, I tried to make what is essentially a 'dickie front' ... based on the Winkie. Mine isn't as pretty, but does the job ... feel far more secure about a wrap front blouse when wearing it. I used press studs to fasten the ends as mine is just for me ... still looking for the perfect fastener, safety pins?? Smile!!

This morning, cut out a shoe bag for The Blonde Mop's golf shoes ... just need to throw it under the sewing machine and cross my fingers. I'm using a pattern from a library book, hope it's big enough for his shoes ... he's got growing feet!

Dropped LMS at rollerskating and TBM at the shopping centre (where he was 'cruisin') and went to the op-shop for a wonderful wander. Good oodles of nice stuff ... ok, a bagful, but it's all nice. A shirt & skirt for work, lovely casual comfortable shoes for every day wear - which are bright red (I like red), some new bras (1 for me, 1 for LMS) and a t-shirt. Not bad for $18. I always swore that LMS wouldn't get black bras until she was 16-18, however, considering that she wear a fair bit of black and looks really good in it, figured it was better than she have something that blends rather than contrasts (think pink or white or green bras!). Far more classy. So, that theory went out the window.

Well, better get too and make this shoe bag ...

Happy day, Mrs R

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