Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First toile

Tried this pattern with mixed results. The pattern went together beautifully, the way it is constructed is a delight to sew ... few little tricks here and there. Beautifully crafted pattern, plus, I'm sure that the pattern has never been opened or used before. It was still folded neatly from the factory! The big disappointment was the size. It's designed for a size 14 (36" bust), however, it sure didn't fit me anywhere except the bust shaping, too small across the rib-cage and tummy, plus the sleeve was so very tight and the arm hole very high.

Would have to do some major modifications if I'm going to make it for wearing in public. Certainly have to think about it long and hard before going to all that work ... maybe I'll e-bay the pattern instead.
Mrs R

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