Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, hems and dog teeth!

Popped into see a friend today, and he gave me 7 pairs of trousers to take up & 14 shirts to embroider over the pockets on each side! Good thing he made me a great cuppa tea and gave me unlimited access to the biscuit barrel!!! Trousers are done already, but the shirts may take some time ...

Charlie Dog went to the vet today to have his teeth taken out ... grand total of 22 removed. He will smell so much better and be so much happier for them gone. Plus, the bill is alot less than originally quoted (was thinking between $500-$600, came in just over $300!). I'm happy. We're off to pick him up shortly.

This is Charlie on the quilt my sister made him ... I bought a bag of doggy fabric scraps/strips from the op-shop and gave it to her, she pieced them together into the most beautiful floor mat for him. She's a very talented quilter!

Opened a box of knee high stockings today (4 pairs in a box) and one of the stockings didn't have any elastic in the top. Normally, I'd throw it in the bin and mutter. Today, I wrote a nice letter, enclosed the faulty stocking and have sent it to the manufacturers, requesting a replacement. Fingers crossed!

The Blonde Mop is making dinner tonight .... at least that's what he announced last night. He's going to make hamburgers, and I'm staying out of the kitchen! Might have to give him a recipe to show him how to stretch 500gm of mince for 4 people ... but he'll be fine! Both my kids like using the electric frying pan and flipping stuff and pressing down on it and basically playing ... I figure that the heat kills all the germs, so it's good to eat!

Smiles, Mrs R


J-ME said...

How will Charlie Dog eat with no teeth????? You still make his dog food, right?

Whimsy & Wonder said...

Two words ... Food Processor!! Made his food up as normal, then blended the guts out of it ... looks like thick sludgy soup! J