Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Skate!

Yesterday Little Miss Sunshine had her first Rollerskating Competition. She's involved in the Exhibition Skate which is a precurser to actually being judged. The children in her ability level go out onto the floor and just skate and show off what they can do for 3-5 minutes. It's basically a confidence builder so that they get used to skating infront of an audience and judges (although the judges seemed to view it as a break time!).

Considering it was her first ever event, I thought she did very well. She had to cope with a different floor, and the fact that neither of us knew what was going on! Live and learn I guess.

We did have a score as there was a stand of second hand leotards which we trawled through and found the most beautiful pink lycra/velvet confection. It fitted her perfectly and looks fantastic. Will be perfect for the next Comp (about a month's time). Cost $55, however, it did save me having to make anything.

I was very impressed and quite amazed at the varying leotards, the styles, the fit, the shape and oh, everything ... can see that once she gets a little bigger and out of pre-loved ones, I'll have to be sewing up a storm.

Here's a picture of her going onto the floor, in the leotard I did make her.

Smiles, Mrs R

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Lori Stilger said...

Lovely leotard, Jen! You did a super job! And it sounds like you're busy as usual. ;D