Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Op shops and sewing patterns ...

Popped into our local op-shop this morning and had a dig through the pattern box ... what a treasure trove. Picked up all these patterns for $1 (they love me down there!). You can't see all the detail in this one, but the first blouse on the left has pleated detail at the cf neckline. Will make a muslin (toile) and see what fit changes need to be made. Think it's an 80's style, so will be fairly loose (not a bad thing).

The top pattern is 2 dresses, but I thought that I might trim it down to make a nice wrap front blouse. The second pattern is a 70's style dress, it's a size 18.5 (huge) but I like the front detail and the flare. Again, will make a toile, and see what alterations need making. Might have to get my Happy Husband to pin a bit here and there (he's very obliging if you ask nicely).

These patterns are gorgeous. The first on the left is a pattern from the 60's, I really like the pattern pieces inside. The blouse is nicely shaped with darts at the back shoulders and in the elbows on the sleeves. The next top pattern is a misses size 12 (much too small) but I may be able to grade it up. Has a delighful petal neckline. Also from the 60's.

The bottom left is a late 80's number, really nice dress/blouse set, and the bottom right is a 70's number with a pretty bodice detail. Again a size 18.5, but will attempt to grade downwards!

So, all in all, am pretty pleased with my haul. Also picked up some fabric while trawling through the boxes ...

Will post more as it happens.

Mrs R

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