Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well, here we are, I'm typing, you're reading ... what a nice way to start a blog!

It's been a lovely Sunday. My friend took my daughter and I to church. The pastor preached from Romans. He is working through the book. Last week he did Verses 1 & 2 of Chapter 1 and today he did Verses 3 & 4 of Chapter 1. If he's going at this rate, it's going to last all year and maybe then some! Regardless of that, was a lovely service, and nice to be part of the fellowship.

My parents came over for arvo tea and Little Miss Sunshine (our daughter) made hash browns for snacks. Was rather funny watching her cook, she has dislocated her little finger on her dominant hand, and it's somewhat limiting, but she's pressing on regardless. Mum, Dad, the Blonde Mop (our son) & I played the Wii bowling. Was lots of fun. Dad kept on forgetting to keep his feet tucked in and mum & I were constantly tripping over them as we bowled.

I've been puddling around making Little Artist's Folios recently, and wanted to make myself something for work. I took the Note taker design and 'tweaked it' ... I had got a lovely well worn Italian Suit from the op-shop (free - it was moth hole-y) ... and knew that it would make something quirky.

Only cooked for 3 tonight as the Blonde Mop is working. Having a job has been wonderful for him, he is learning about work ethic, money management and the best thing (for me) is that he gets dinner to bring home. Anyways, I made a pasta sauce (of sorts). I cooked up some bacon, tin of tomatoes, 3/4 jar of pasta sauce, diced capsicum & onion, and a grated carrot. Served over cooked macaroni and topped with grated cheese. Delicious. AND there is enough left over for my husband's lunch tomorrow. Bonus.

Anyways, that's enough for my first post. Stay tuned, tomorrow I aim to post the photo of my work note-taker.

Smiles, Mrs R

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