Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cough Cough

Been unwell for about 5 weeks now ... started with a raging sore throat and ended up with a cough. Finally I went to the doctor who said I have Whooping Cough (Adult version). Well, there you have it!! I now have fantastic cough medicine (full of codine) and anti-biotics. Am starting to feel somewhat better. It's life as normal now, but I have to stay clear of my parents (both of whom have pneumonia!). That's a blow as we were going to visit on Thursday.

Been wanting to do some sewing but haven't wanted to tackle anything big or hard. So I made some hankies from quilting cotton that I had in the drawer. They came up beautifully, and are bright and pretty! Whilst I've been sick, discovered that I didn't have enough hankies, so this will sure help out!

This morning the kids & I had haircuts, the Blonde Mop actually submitted to having a trim ... he still has the length, but it's much neater and easier for him to care for. Little Miss Sunshine had hers layered and shaped, each time we go to the hairdressers, she ends up looking older! She has bought herself a box of hair dye (violet!!) and we have asked an older friend (17) to help her dye it ... so that's happening next Thursday.

Me with waves ... that's a first!! Normally dead straight ... but it's fun for a change.

Mrs R.

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mumof6 said...

Love the hair Jen, it looks great!