Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out and about!

Yesterday I did some clothes shopping, FOR ME!! I went to 2 op-shops and brought home a huge haul ... very proud of myself! I got

  • all in one flannel pj's (my husband says that I look cute) (new)
  • black skirt for work
  • multi-coloured long sleeve knit shirt (for work)
  • ankle height boots (new) Sandler Easy Steps
  • 4 magazines (2 cross stitch, 2 sewing)
  • piglet rugby jumper (new)
  • bra (brand new!)
For a total of $24 ... I was very impressed with myself.

Today after rollerskating, Little Miss Sunshine & I went to a different shopping centre and did some more winter shopping for her. Spent $117 and got 1 hooded zip jacket, 1 pair pjs (3 piece) and 3 bras (oh plus undies for the Blonde Mop). Also did a bit of food shopping on our travels (which is nice because the family does like eating!). LMS has decided that she likes "new clothes" as compared to "op-shop clothes". I had to bite my tongue so I didn't get down her throat (so to speak). I gently suggested that she gets more clothes from the op-shop, and that it is still a good place to shop. Notice the difference in the quantity and price between her shop and mine?? Oh well ...

Off to have a shower and get into my cuddly pj's ... 'night night ... Mrs R

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