Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hmmmm ... not too sure

Here is me, playing around with the shirt. I pinned darts in the front to bring it in, it's obviously huge in the arms/shoulder area, but fits ok around the hips. Tried tucking the collar in to see what a mandarin would look like, not convinced.

Darts ...

Collar ... (scar is healing nicely)

Pretend Mandarin collar ...

Am up to seeing if it fits my Happy Husband and whether he'd like it for winter. Not sure if that's a cop-out or not. Maybe I'm a 'from scratch' type of sewer and not a re-fashionista ...

Mrs R

Post Shower: Got it! Scoop neck (get rid of the collar completely) and add small stand up ruffle, maybe 1.5cm high. This can be from the excess length at the bottom of the shirt. Will cut the armholes out properly (using a current blouse pattern) and modify the sleeve head to fit. Thinking will do an inverted pleat at the hem of the sleeve to bring it neater at the bottom. Basically, thinking it 'out loud'.

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