Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out and About!

Popped into my favourite op-shop (Treasures on Railway Pde, Kelmscott) and had a hunt around. I found 2 metres of nice soft shirt fabric which was marked down to $1. Bargain! Will put that away for the 'right' project.

Found some beautiful patent leather mary-jane shoes, but after I got over the joy of mary-janes, realised that they weren't 'quite' right for me. Settled for this beautiful pair of Spanish leather loafers. Will look perfect with trousers, easy to wear and comfortable.

I have been wanting to let my inner creative beast out, and so bought a men's shirt to hack into. Have had delusions of getting a crisp white cotton shirt for work that fits, this way, it might happen. Here is the 'before' picture. I need to hack about 3 inches off the shoulder line, do some tricky stuff with darts to make the bodice fit, and then ... well, that's when I get creative! Have some thoughts of adding ruffles to the bodice and sleeves, but may not have enough 'scraps ... will have to see. Could get tricky and do something fun with rik-rak. The possibilities are endless.

Dropped some of LMS' bedroom off to our local op-shop and picked up this lovely pattern. I think it has alot of potential. The front variations are different - roloux loops & buttons/zip or absolutely nothing (stitched). Will make up a test run first.

I remember reading an editorial recently (Stitches magazine I think) and the gist of it was that sewers need to stock up and do some stash building for the economic downturn. The theory is that a) it will put money into the fabric shops, and b) when times are tough, you will have fabric on hand that you can sew with. Not totally convinced about the theory, but it's food for thought.

Mrs R

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