Friday, April 17, 2009

Jeans - and making them fit!

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some new jeans (new new - from a real shop - with a real price-tag - and with real money!!). They 'almost' fit me. Length was too long, waist was too big at the back. Gotta love Big W jeans - they have a great range, and they cost under $30.

Came home and did some research on the 'net and found this fantastic tutorial. Took a few minutes to actually process the information, but once I had - it made perfect sense.

So, this morning, took them up - and they are perfect! Basically, it's a tuck on the inside of the jeans, but the stitching is so very close to the original top-stitching, that you can barely tell! I ironed the tuck up into the leg, and used a little fusible webbing to hold it flat on the centre front & back. Just for my own peace of mind.

With the waist size, I make a slit in the inside of the waistband near the sideseams and thread elastic through until it gathers to fit. I handstitch this closed and you can hardly tell I've ripped!
Here's the back view - the elastic isn't that noticeable once they are on because they fit so well, and I wear my shirts over!

Now it's time to get out of my jarmies and into the morning!
Smiles, Mrs R


Lightening said...

That makes more sense now. Thanks Mrs R :)

Larissa Q said...

That's exactly what I need to do with my jeans (all of them that I can get into!) Thank you for explaining it so simply.

Larissa Q said...

Thanks for popping over. Wow Jennifer! I'm constantly amazed at how many people have once lived in Merredin. There is not much more free TV now! ABC, SBS, GWN & WIN!