Friday, January 23, 2009

Procrastination and the solution!

Well, the only solution to procrastination is action (in the RIGHT direction!). I've been procrastinating on a few projects ... and decided that I had best get them done so that I can have a clear conscious and a clearer sewing area!

First to be done is my friend Penny's handbag. I've had this for nearly a year to do - she's a very patient girl. The main thing stopping me was fear, fear that I couldn't make what she wanted, and that I'd fail. The reality of it is that she'll be thrilled regardless of if it's perfect or not, provided it works. It's a black stretch velvet, lined in hot pink satin. OK, they aren't the easiest fabrics to use ... so I put interfacing on the velvet and it's much nicer to work with, the satin is quite thick, so it's not as slippery as I had imagined. Last night I cut it out, today, I did the zips for the pockets. I need to buy a long zip for the top, and then it's go go go!

Here are some pictures of the bag in the various stages of making.

LMS is going to help Penny with her boys tomorrow (kid wrangling), so I'll drop her there, and take my carefully made list to the patchwork shop to get the bits I need to finish a few projects. I'll be able to come home and (potentially) get some things finished off!

Mrs R ...

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