Sunday, January 18, 2009

LMS has been sewing!

WOW ... after I said I was going to make Miss G (aged 3) some clothes, LMS wanted in on the action. We went through all the books I had, and settled on this pattern as one that she could do! It's from Enid Gilchrist Three to Six, Clothes for Boys & Girls (4/-).

Had to alter the construction of the bodice to fully faced, rather than muck around with binding and front facings. Much easier (for both of us).

She did a magnificent job ... I am so very impressed. I have to admit that I did all the handsewing ... she didn't want to, and hey, why should she!

At this stage, I pin, she sews & overlocks, and I iron. It's a fabulous partnership!

We (royal we) just need to get the buttons & button holes done and it can be sent up to Perth!

Dress Front

Dress Back

Mrs R (proud mummy)


Tracy said...

Wow that is very impressive! I made that one too and really love that pattern. Will you make the underskirt? It really made Rose's dress special added the umph to the skirt.

Whimsy and Wonder said...

Probably not, Miss G's mum just wants some sun dresses. I agree, the underskirt would be fantastic, however, I can't see it being practical for her.

LMS is incredibly proud of herself - not bad for a 13 year old!


Fairy said...

What a coincidence - I was only thinking about this pattern last night. I made it for my daughter (now 26) in white linen with border in pink, apricot,lemon and blue striped fabric. I now have a granddaughter (13 months) and no doubt will make this style again for her.

It is a beautiful dress and congratulations to LMS.