Sunday, January 18, 2009

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!!

I asked one of my wonderful friends if I could sew for her 3 year old - she said she'd love me too ... Hooray! I miss sewing for little people ...

I was looking over at Tracy's Web-site and fell in love with the dress she has made her daughter. I just HAD to try it as well. So, here it is!! I did modify the instructions a little ... Enid didn't have an overlocker!!

The work in progress. The pattern didn't come from this book, but the sizing adjustments did ... had to take it up a size to fit the little girl.

The major admission is that after thinking "I MUST make sure the butterflies go up the right way" ... yep - cut it out upside down! Tough!!

The full dress ...

The back view

Will post it up to her, and let you know if a) it fits and b) she likes it.

Happy day
Mrs R


Tracy said...

That looks so nice. I love the fabric. Does it fit? they are so simple to make. I haven't tried to resize yet must give that a go. I'm sure my older girls would like this little dress too. Thank you for letting me know you had made this dress too.

Whimsy and Wonder said...

I have no idea if it fits ... have to post it up to her first. Did have some trouble with converting inches to cm, and the back ties are a bit short ... if it's a problem, will add more on later.

I added 3" to the hem because I'm not sure that it would cover her knickers! Better safe than sorry!!

Thanks so much for posting about it, you are such a motivator for me.