Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handbag Happiness!

Here is Penny's Handbag ... I sure hope it was worth the 9 month wait! The rings are reused from the handbag she gave me to copy. This model is a little bigger all over so that she can fit more 'stuff' in there. The front tag is a metal bag tag I bought from a fabric store - they were getting rid of them, and I grabbed what I could. They are perfect for making a bag look 'special'. The base is stiffened with a cut down vinyl placemat. I find these to be the best for bags ... they are flexible, wash well, and you can stitch through them. Plus, they are cheap.

The bag in all it's glory! The other side has a zippered pocket.

Pretty Pink insides! And yes, there is a mobile pocket as well!

Mrs R

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