Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Well, a New Year, full of possibilities and potential ... I feel I've achieved quite a bit today. I filed all the old bank statements (had back to 2005 in my current file!), turfed out a huge amount of plastics and yukky mugs, done 3 loads of washing. I finished off the last of the lavender bags, sewed and stuffed, now all 9 are waiting for handstitching ... will try that tonight (depends on how good the light is, and how my eyes are coping!)

Anyways, needed a new project for my embroidery tin, so started this one ... it's going to be the front of a tote bag. It's not as big as I had imagined ... so am going to have to be a bit tricky in how I put it onto the bag. Have a few options, one being it can become the front pocket, another being adding sashing to the outsides before attaching it to the bag fabric. Hmmmm ... regardless, will have to do the embroidery first.

I scanned the 'bare bones' in for you to see. It's a cat (duh!) and on the right from top down, a bird, a fish, and a mouse.

I didn't have the 'right' colour for the cat or mouse, so I used some seeded homespun and tea-dyed it. Considering the heat today, it dried very quickly.

I also made 2 pocket grocery bags from The Mad Quilter ... The instructions were great, but I'll tweak the sizes a bit to make it more 'me'. I used a doona cover that I bought from the op-shop for cut-ups and crafting ... it sure has fulfilled it's $3 price tag!! Will post pictures tomorrow (hopefully).

Off to sort out dinner.

Mrs R


Tracy said...

I've made that cat hanging! It was in one of the magazines years ago I made it for someone in a swap. I think it's an Annie Downs design? We have similar tastes in lots of things :)

Whimsy & Wonder said...

Thanks Tracy, I've been collecting Handmade Magazines from the op-shop and looking for inspiration ... it's lots of fun just looking ...