Sunday, January 11, 2009

Very Sunny Sunday

It's been hot and well, hot here for the last few weeks, without much respite. The air con is struggling, but it is better with it on than without it!

Went to visit my parents this afternoon. They'd been to see an elderly lady from church, and Mum was talking to her about Enid Gilchrist and the fact that I was collecting ... she produced a bag full of patterns, dating from 1950's to 1980's. WOW ... what a treasure collection! I went through and took the ones that interested me (mainly the older ones), the rest will go to the op-shop.

Quite sure that ladies had hip/back problems in this era as they have to stand with their hips out, and their backs swayed ... hmmmm ... I also noted that there is a definate absence of tummys!!

The dress in this set is quite delightful, has a scalloped hem ... too cute! The skirt is an interesting pattern, has pleats at centre front, back & both side seams. Might be worth a toile!

Been following some Enid's on Ebay ... my but they are getting expensive. There is one there on Buy It Now for $25!! Ouchies! I'm bidding on 2 magazines, doubt I'll get them as there seem to be a few others who are on a collection spree as well (keep coming across the same ID's), both with bigger budgets than I have! Think I'll have to stop looking ... Ebay is quite addictive ... just one more, just one more, just one ... goodness, what Have I Spent??

Anyways, here are a few photos of something I made last year. It's a hanky holder, I didn't get a good 'overall' photo ... will endeavour to do so another day.

Embroidery detail ...

Inside ... white seersucker with a gold & silver lurex thread running through it! Too cute!

Happy Day,
Mrs R

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