Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groovy Pants ...

HH & TBM have been drooling and dreaming about LoudMouth Golf pants ... but the cost to bring them over from US is prohibitive (about $180 after postage and exchange). So, after some discussions and sweet talking, I agreed to making the boys some pants.

Here is the first pair! I went to Spotlight, and found this fantastic fabric for $4/metre! Plus, they had a 20% off sale. So, these ones cost under $15 all up! The pattern was easy to make, but the fit was horrid. I ended up taking about 2" off the width of them on the outer and inner leg to get them to fit ... lots of muttering and stomping was involved!
Unfortunately, they have faded a bit ... but, at $4/m (less 20%) what can you expect? I have since made another pair - same colourway, but striped. Very clown like!

These are the next pair ... TBM's! He's rather proud of them!
They do look a bit like pyjama pants, but he's happy enough. After these, I made another pair out of black/white checks (about 1cm square) ... they are rather eyeboggling!

Boys are at a 2 day competition this weekend, hopefully the pants will contribute to their playing style!

Grin, Mrs R


Penny said...

Or put the others off their game enough! LOL

Jennifer said...

Funny you should say that ... both boys came home with prizes. TBM won a digital camera and HH won a little stereo system. Happy, but tired!

Grins, Mrs R